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Key Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade ASAP

You may not give the electricity and wiring in your home very much thought. That is, unless the electrical setup in your home is particularly old and outdated. You may face some struggles with an older electrical system that can only be remedied by making an upgrade.

Keep in mind that electrical panel upgrade should only be handled by certified electricians in Lake Geneva, WI. You should never attempt any electrical work as part of a DIY project. You can keep reading to learn more about when you might need the help of an electrician to upgrade your electrical panel.

The Panel is Original

If you have a home that is decades old and the electrical panel is original to the home, that’s the top sign of needing an upgrade. If your electrical panel has a fuse box instead of circuit breakers, that’s an even bigger indication. 

Fuse boxes are highly outdated and pose a variety of safety risks to your home and family. One reason for this is that fuse boxes were not designed to handle the amount of electricity that appliances and electronics require today. 50 years ago there was far less technology and fewer electrical needs within a home, resulting in a much lower overall electrical capacity.

Breakers Trip Frequently

When your electrical panel is overloaded it can trip breakers. This means that your circuit breaker panel turns electricity off to one area of your home as a safety precaution. While this is a measure to prevent power surges, the bottom line is that electricity needs are much higher than they were several decades ago. As a result, using completely typical appliances and electronics can easily trip older circuit breakers. When your panel is upgraded, we can add more power so that your circuit breaker can handle a variety of electronics and appliances being used all at the same time.

Signs of Rust

No matter how old your circuit breaker panel is, you always want to watch for signs of rust. If you notice rust or corrosion around any electrical components in your home, you need to have them checked out immediately.

Rust can indicate that there is water damage, and we all know that water and electricity do not mix. Once rust begins developing, the process cannot be reversed and you may have components that need to be replaced to prevent issues in your home.

Too Few Outlets

Another sign that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded is if you don’t have enough wall outlets to meet your needs. If you have to unplug the lamp to plug in your phone charger, that’s a problem. You should have enough outlets to use lamps, phone chargers, and other electronics all at the same time. 

You may be tempted to plug in a power strip as a solution, but chances are your electrical panel is not designed to handle that much power to begin with. A power strip is not the solution. Instead, you need to upgrade your electrical panel so that your home’s system can meet your needs without having to take extra steps or use work arounds.

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