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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Crystal Lake, IL

Keep germs, odors, and volatile organic compounds out of your indoor air with the use of high-tech equipment like air filters and air purifiers. The team at Althoff Home Services can get you set up with one right away.

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If you need help with your indoor air quality in Crystal Lake, IL, our team can provide those solutions for you and more.

Hand It Off to Althoff! Give us a call today for whole-house air filter and air purifier services in Crystal Lake, IL.

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Air Filtration Systems

When your home is inundated with dust, debris, pet dander, hair, and other contaminants, it can feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Air filtration systems are designed to catch these contaminants and remove them from the HVAC cycle.

Our team provides comprehensive air filtration system services in Crystal Lake, IL, from the installation of your system to air filtration maintenance throughout its lifespan.


Air Cleaners

Air cleaners represent a combination of both air purification and air filtration. This type of whole-home air purification system works excellently as it targets large contaminants and any microbial germs in your Crystal Lake, IL home.

We can provide the installation and maintenance of this kind of system. All you need to do is call our indoor air quality experts today.

Air Purifiers

The best defense against germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores is a UV air purifier. A UV germicidal light can be mounted in your ductwork to eliminate harmful organisms and remove them from the air. This type of purification system is powerful and effective, essentially keeping your home clean, odor-free, and safe. Contact us today for UV air purifier services in Crystal Lake, IL.

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