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Furnace Maintenance in Crystal Lake, IL

Annual maintenance for your furnace is key to longevity and optimal performance. Our tune-up checklist includes 20 different steps to ensure a thorough and comprehensive assessment. Benefits of Routine Maintenance:

  • Increase efficiency, reduce energy loss
  • Avoid unexpected breakdowns
  • Ensure safety for you and your family

We're invested in the health and longevity of your home comfort systems. Let us provide the necessary improvements each and every year.

Hand It Off to Althoff.

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Althoff Industries Furnace Tune-Up Guide

  • Verify accuracy and proper operation of the thermostat
  • General observation of all venting and ductwork
  • Measure ductwork system static pressures and evaluate them against benchmark levels
  • Perform combustion analysis on the furnace to ensure safe and proper combustion
  • Measure and verify proper temperature change at the system
  • Take amp draws of the blower motor
  • Take amp draws of the inducer motor
  • Check blower motor capacitor for proper microfarad level
  • Observe condition and balance of the blower motor wheel
  • Clear condensate drain and ensure proper operation
  • Remove and clean the flame sensor
  • Perform a visual inspection of the burners. If the carbon monoxide levels dictate, pull and clean them also
  • Perform a visual inspection on the heat exchanger
  • Take an ohm reading on the hot surface igniter
  • Remove and clean the pilot assembly
  • If applicable, replace the thermocouple
  • Clean condensate trap for high efficiency furnaces
  • Vacuum the inside of the furnace cabinet
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Replace fiberglass filter

*All inspections include a service report with a prioritized list of recommendations. Our goal is to leave the system working safely and more reliably but also improving performance.

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