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EV Charging in Crystal Lake, IL

Most of us out there are doing our part to make the earth a better place. If you want to do your part to go green and make your life a little easier, then we suggest getting an electric car charging station. Our professional electricians install, repair, and replace these systems. You can trust us for these services because:

  • We’ve been a family-owned and operated team since 1961.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

With a residential charging station, you’ll never have to pull out your phone to search for “EV charging point near me.” Home car charging stations are convenient, less expensive, and even boost the value of your home. Talk to our team members to make sure you’re getting the best unit possible.

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Residential EV Charging Points

Residential EV charging stations offer unparalleled convenience. Our professionals are here to help you with everything from choosing between models to installation and repair work.

Home Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

EV charging stations boast a range of benefits, but you’re not going to receive the full benefits without a professional installation. Our team members make sure that your EV charging station has the right foundation. We have licensed electricians who know their stuff and perform high-quality work. It’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Repair

EV charging stations run into their problems just like any other powerful appliance. If you notice that your charging station isn’t charging properly, charging as fast as you’re used to, or even showing especially troublesome signs like sparking, then contact us. We promise prompt, high-quality repairs every time.

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