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Part of being a family-owned and operated business means we want to be transparent to the Crystal Lake, IL community. Here, you’ll be able to find comprehensive videos packed with information about different topics our specialists are knowledgeable about.

Need extra help with your HVAC system? Or perhaps you’d like a bit more clarification on some details you’ve seen in one of our videos? Don’t hesitate to give our pros a call!

Hand It Off to Althoff!

5 Mistakes that Homeowners Make

2nd Step in Diagnosing a Cracked Heat Exchanger

First Step in Diagnosing a Bad Heat Exchanger

Other Ways a Heat Exchange Can Fail

What is a Heat Exchanger

Why a Crack In the Heat Exchanger is Dangerous

Do I need a service valve kit on tank-less?

What is a hot surface igniter?

What is a flame sensor?

What is a combustion analyzer?

Tour of HVAC Service Technician Van | Crystal Lake, Illinois

Importance of Correct AC Refrigerant Levels

How Your HVAC Tech Detects an AC Refrigerant Leak

How to Check if Your AC Condensate Drain is Clogged

The Importance of HVAC Draft Gauge Measurement

How to Determine Correct Furnace Filter Direction

HVAC Static Pressure Testing

3 Essential HVAC Technician Tools for Accurate Diagnostics

2 Reasons to Measure Furnace Draft: Safety and Combustion Efficiency

Combustion Analysis and Draft Check for CO Safety

#1 Way to Improve Airflow in Residential Home

Crystal Lake Service Technicians: HVAC Problem Solvers

How to Properly Clean a Condensate Drain Line

HVAC: The Proper Way to Clean a Condenser Unit

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