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Water Softener Salt Delivery in Crystal Lake, IL

Lugging bags of salt home from the hardware store is always a pain. But your water softener relies on a steady supply of salt to function properly. What can you do?

Althoff has the perfect solution! We’re making things easier by delivering bags of salt to customers for a low, monthly rate.

  • We’ll make it easy by dropping our salt delivery on your porch or even carrying it indoors for you.
  • Make additional salt purchases while we’re there so you can stock up.
  • Reliable salt and on-time technicians. Our salt is high quality and our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. You get the best service possible with us.
  • Everything schedules automatically so you don’t have to do anything for your next salt delivery.
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Here’s how you can sign up.

Call Our Team or Schedule Now!

Get in touch with our team so we can get you started.

Choose a Delivery Option

Choose from our 5, 10, or 15-bag delivery options which best fit your needs.

Enjoy Soft Water!

Enjoy clean dishes, silky laundry, and spa-like baths with soft water!

Salt Delivery Options

We want salt deliveries to be as easy as possible, with 3 plans that are discounted for our members.

  • 5 Bags delivered six times.
    • $35/month for members, $42.50/month for non-members.
  • 10 Bags delivered six times.
    • $65/month for members, $80/month for non-members.
  • 15 Bags delivered six times.
    • $95/month for members, $117.50/month for non-members.
Water Softener Sale Delivery

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