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How Dirty Ducts Reduce Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

When you have dirty ductwork you face a variety of problems, both for your air conditioner and your home. But you can solve all of these problems with one simple service, and that is duct cleaning in Crystal Lake, IL.

When you clean out your ductwork regularly, it can have a positive impact on your air conditioner’s efficiency. In fact, it can be an investment in lowering energy costs and reducing strain on your air conditioner. You can keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of a duct cleaning service as well as how to know when it’s time to schedule the appointment.

Optimizing Airflow

Your air conditioner has a lot of power so that it can push airflow through ductwork and into your home. The ductwork in your attic or basement has a completely unique layout design to make sure airflow reaches each room evenly. Air moves through the ductwork and divides up so that your home is a consistent temperature everywhere.

But there are a variety of factors that can interrupt this airflow and have negative impacts on both your air conditioner and your home comfort. One of these factors is dust and dirt buildup. It is inevitable that some particles will get inside of your ductwork, even with the best air filter in place. As the years go on, more and more particles enter your ductwork until there is a significant layer of dust accumulating inside. 

The Impact of Dust

The dust and dirt inside of your ductwork stirs up and mixes in with clean air each time your air conditioner turns on. Aside from having to dust your home more often and facing lower indoor air quality, this also interrupts that streamlined airflow. Dust and dirt do just enough harm to airflow to allow some of the conditioned air to get trapped in your ductwork instead of blowing in your home.

Maybe this doesn’t seem like a huge deal. So your air conditioner has to create a little more cool air. But this can cost you a lot more on your monthly energy bills than you might anticipate. Aside from costing more money each month, you’re also adding a lot of wear and tear to your HVAC system as it works harder against poor airflow.

Addressing Airflow Problems

The good news is that there is a solution. You can schedule a duct cleaning every three to five years to maintain streamlined air to flow throughout your ductwork. Aside from dust building up, your ductwork may also have holes and cracks in the seams that allow air to escape before reaching your home. 

This can make the problem much worse as more dust enters the holes that air is escaping through. In fact, dust can wear these seals down faster and make holes worse. It’s a downward spiral that continues to worsen unless you schedule service to address duct problems. 

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