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Arvind Mehta, This week
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nicole tricker, Last week
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Diane Himpelmann, Last week

The switch on our sump pump needed replacing. Part ordered. Tyler was very nice, knowledgeable, and represented the service we have come to appreciate from Althoff.

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Pam Phelan, This month

Professional installation. Nice service men. Very happy with Althoff

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Michael Bee, This month

I've had whole home HVAC system equipment replacements at 2 different properties performed by Althoff. They always have solid techs and installers, and it's always a professional experience from start to finish with any questions/concerns answered and addressed without any BS. The scheduler "ladies" are real pros with an actual customer service vibe that's hard to find anymore.

Ask for Jeff M. (Sales) to get you transparently started on all your options for replacing any equipment you think is getting close to giving up the ghost; he's also free eye candy for the woman (or dude) in your life, so try not to be jealous when he shows up at your door.

Don't be confused by the "Althoff Industries" side of the house vs. "Home Services" - just two divisions of the same company, same staff, same expertise - I've been a customer since before the inception of "Home Services." I don't believe they are the "cheapest," but you get what you pay for - and the peace of mind to handle things right the first time is worth the extra shillings over one of the 100's of fly-by-night HVAC operators with a backpack, shop vac, and a van. I'm sure Althoff's other trades services are solid as well.

The main guy(s) running this company are doing something right and have been for many years - they take care of the employees, who then take care of us, the customers, and the business continues to stay successful. Don't deviate from this winning formula and I'll remain a customer for as long as I'm stuck in this state.

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Robert Novak, This month
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Tad Walters, This month

On time, knowledgeable and willing to share all details.

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Joy Hoffmann, This month

This business has wonderful customer service, from the personnel who answer the phone to the estimators for projects, installers and the plumbers, electricians etc. They listen to your issues & concerns and solve them. I trust their work and recommend Althoff highly. Your home is a major investment- I trust this business to help maintain & improve my investment. My Thanks to everyone

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Gertrude Butler, Last month

Our boiler light would not stay lit on the coldest
night/day last week so we called Althoff and they sent a repairman out that morning. He said we needed a part that they did not have in stock but would find it and be back in the afternoon. A different service rep came back later in the day with the needed part and we had heat right away. Thank you Althoff. All the staff were very nice and helpful and would recommend them highly.

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Eagle Eye, Last month

Had electrician do an assessment of electrical panel because of home inspection report. Electrician was fair and honest. Arrived on time, and gave quick, knowledgeable service.

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