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Stephen Rugg, Last month

It was just a plumbing inspection but the Althoff guy found a simple but serious problem with the water heater exhaust pipe- it could have caused a disastrous fire. He fixed it in minutes at no extra charge. Are we happy we had the inspection?!?!

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Dr. Rob Nelson, This year

It was time for new HVAC. Ugh. Althoff was my was my second opinion. I had committed to another firm already but my building maintenance manager highly recommend I talk to Althoff. They sent someone that night! Thank goodness I did call them. The other firm tried to rush a really big bill$$ on me. Althoff, on the other hand discovered some overlooked items AND offered me more and better options that got me into this awesome Amana Heat Pump with comed and manufacture discounts. Althoff, without hesitation, also credited me for diagnostic , Freon charge and parts for my old A/C. Yay! They are super thorough and very professional. Gil, my sales tech was so nice. great as were the in total 4 guys plus Gil over the course of a week who helped me get a plan and the implement it all in a day. All on time 100 percent. They all loved my dog too.
Super informative. Great finance options and it was 1/2 (we are talking a lot!) less than the other guys but more thorough and better options. I didn't just get lower end like for like. I got new tech. Love it. I now have Althoffs maintenance program and warranty. I have real peace of mind. If you need anything the do as a service, it would be foolish not to give them a shot. I'm sure glad I did. Also, if your HVAC is end of life - the Heat Pump is an incredible option that can include tax credits, manufacturer offers, and comed discount/credit. The other guys didn't even tell me about heat pumps or those options. The other guys rushed to try to get me installed that day so I could not look at options
Althoff May not advertise as much as the other guys but they sure delivered. I gave the crew a tip. They were great. 10 out of 10 on ALL measures. They made it all so easy. No stress. No pressure. Honest and helpful. This is a wonderful company. I offer my highest recommendation. Thank you team Althoff.

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schramuk, This week

Justin Walden was professional and considerate in performing my twice-annual HVAC inspection.

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Dean Nagy, This week

Excellent job installing our tankless hot water heater.

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Randy Leggee, This week

Great professional service

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Allen Jorgensen, This week
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David Handschuh, Last week
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Ted Gross, Last week

Friendly team from salesman to the technicians.

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Gail Kowalski, Last week
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Rami Nassib, This month

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