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Central Air Conditioner Services in Crystal Lake, IL

When was the last time you felt good about central air conditioner services in Crystal Lake, IL? Here at Althoff Home Services, we provide exemplary service for homeowners who can feel good about their air conditioners.

  • We work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We’ve been family-owned since 1961.

We’re not trying to upsell you on a brand-new system. We just want to help by providing high-quality services to our community.

Hand It Off to Althoff.

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Central AC Installation

What type of central AC installation do you need? Take a look below to find out:

  • Standard central AC installation. Need a powerful cooling system that will keep you comfortable? This is one of your best options available.
  • Inverter air conditioner. Inverter AC technology allows your cooling system to run at different levels, bringing versatility to your home comfort experience.

Regardless of what solution works for you, our Crystal Lake, IL experts can help deliver it.

Central AC Replacement

Unfortunately, central air conditioners don’t last forever. Here are just a few reasons why you might need central AC replacement:

  • Old age. A central air conditioner can only realistically last between 10–15 years maximum.
  • Inefficiency. Don’t ignore skyrocketing bills, they’re a good signal that your AC has reached its limit.
  • Frequent repairs. Frequent repairs are obnoxious and a telltale sign that your system is on its way out.
  • Expensive repairs. If your AC costs half as much or more than the cost of a new system, then it’s generally more cost-effective to replace it.

We know these systems extremely well, so we can thoroughly remove your old system and replace it, all while offering flexible and easy to schedule appointments with simple financing options.

Central AC Repair

Here are just a few reasons why you could need central AC repair today:

  • High energy bills.
  • Lukewarm air coming from the vents.
  • It’s making a noise.
  • There’s a "wet sock" smell coming from your vents.

Don’t hesitate to have these problems addressed by calling us for repairs or central AC maintenance.

Let’s get your project started today!

We offer whole-home solutions, not just quick fixes.

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