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The Benefits of Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detectors

We are sure that you know the benefits of having standard carbon monoxide detectors in your home. But do you know the benefit of low level carbon monoxide detectors? Low level carbon monoxide detectors are just as important but not always talked about. Standard carbon monoxide detectors are the ones we’re used to. Today, we want to bring some attention to the distinction between the two. 

When we talk about carbon monoxide detectors in McHenry, IL, we find the that trouble and the disconnect typically comes from a lack of knowledge. This is why our professionals are here. We strive to make things as easy as possible for you. You can get the service you need from our team members. 

Why Carbon Monoxide Is So Dangerous

Let’s start with the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is so dangerous because it’s a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that robs you of oxygen. We know that it goes without saying that you and all the members of your home need oxygen, but it’s never a problem to reiterate. It’s imperative that you have clean air in your home. If you’re inhaling carbon monoxide, it’s going to harm you. You might notice that you feel dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded. These are typically the early warning signs. If you’re exposed to carbon monoxide on a long-term basis, it can actually prove to be fatal. Make sure that you’re treating your home and space with the care it deserves. 

All About Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Now, let’s get into carbon monxoide detectors. The average carbon monoxide detector that you’re going to acquire for your home is designed to meet government standards. These standards are designed to protect healthy adults from high levels of carbon monoxide poising. This means that you’re not going to be alerted to carbon monoxide levels under 70 PPM (parts per million.) While this is adequate for the most part, it’s not exactly refined. This is how a low level alarm will alert you. 

0 – 29 PPM – The detector will remain silent. If it has a digital display, it will show a zero reading.

30 PPM – 69 PPM – Your carbon monoxide alarm will sound if the level stays in here for longer than 30 days.

70 PPM – 149 PPM – The alarm will sound when levels reach this range for between 60 – 240 minutes.

150 PPM – 399 PPM – The alarm will sound if the carbon monoxide level remains in this range for between 10 – 50 minutes.

400 PPM + – The alarm will sound if the carbon monoxide level remains at or above this level for between 4 – 15 minutes.

Carbon monoxide’s ability to adversely affect your body (even at low levels) is worth noting. This is especially true if you or any of the members of your family are pregnant, an infant, a child, over the age of 65, or they have any type of chronic illness. A low level carbon monoxide detector is definitely worth the investment. 

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