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Uncommon Heating Repair Requests You Might Run Into

There are heater problems, and then there are heater problems. Some heater issues are very common and easy to deal with. Others are less common and can lead to expensive and involved repairs. The best way to stay ahead of any type of heater problem is to know what signs to look for.

You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of prioritizing heater repair in Lake Zurich, IL. We’re highlighting some of the less common heater repairs that we see along with the signs of each one so that you can stay ahead of a furnace breakdown.

Blower Motor or Capacitor 

It is more common to see smaller, simpler repair needs inside of a heater. But there are times that we get calls for major repair means. For example, if your blower motor or capacitor goes out, it could cost you $1,000 or more to repair or replace the component. This is why it is so important to identify problems early before they get out of hand.

Blower motor and capacitor problems can have a few different signs. In early stages there may be a whirring sound that you are tempted to ignore because it is not loud or obnoxious. As the problem progresses, the noises will get louder and more obvious. And finally when your blower motor or capacitor goes out completely your heater will stop working. Ideally you want to identify the problem before you have a complete breakdown.

Draft Inducer Motor

The draft inducer motor has a very important job. It pulls the air that is heated through the combustion process into the rest of your furnace so it can blow into your home. If your air filter gets too dirty and dust gets into the system, it can have a major impact on the draft inducer motor. Clumps of dust can form and interfere with operation, even resulting in a knocking sound.

Hearing a knocking sound could also mean that the bearings of the draft inducer motor are bad. In this case, our team needs to go in and re-lubricate the bearings so they can work more effectively. Again, it is important to schedule service early and address these problems before they lead to replacing an entire component.

Circuit Board

Your heater also has a circuit board. This is the electronic computer component that helps to tell your heater what to do and when to do it. Dust is another problem that can negatively impact the circuit board inside of your heater. 

During regular heater maintenance our team will use pressurized air to blow dust off of the circuit board gently without damaging it. Going without maintenance for too long can allow dust to build up too much. Your circuit board may be fried and need to be replaced completely instead of just cleaned off.

Gas Valves

Gas components that attach to your heater are usually very secure. But that does not mean they are completely without problems. There are times that we have to replace gas valves due to a leak or other problem. If you don’t already have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home, we encourage you to do so. A gas leak is often colorless and odorless, making it hard to identify otherwise.

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