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Key Signs of Boiler Repair You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Boilers are excellent heating systems and very well known for their durability. But when boilers do have problems, they can be very significant. You want to identify the signs of serious boiler problems early so that you can reduce the impact to your home and family.

When you need boiler repair in Mundelein, IL, give our team a call to schedule service. Even if you are only scheduling service because you think something may be wrong with your boiler but you’re not sure what it is, we are here to help. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can keep reading to learn more about the signs of boiler problems and what could potentially be wrong.

Bad Odors

The boiler in your home should never produce any bad odors. If something begins to smell around your boiler, you may have a water or gas leak. Even though gas does not have a smell, some gas service providers add an odor so that gas leaks are more obvious. You may smell something similar to rotten eggs if you have a gas leak. 

A musty or moldy odor can indicate that you have a water leak somewhere around your boiler. This is equally alarming since your boiler needs to be airtight for optimal operation. A water leak can impact boiler efficiency, in addition to causing damage to the surrounding areas of your home.


Even if leaks don’t produce an odor, you may notice leaks by hearing or seeing water. We do have some people who think that leaks are inevitable because boilers are water appliances. However, leaks are costing you money in several ways. Your water bill is increasing, your boiler is less efficient and you may have to spend money repairing damage to your home.

Unusual Sounds

Just like odors, your boiler should never make unusual sounds. You will hear some sounds as a part of normal operation, but you should be accustomed to what sound your boiler usually makes. If you begin to hear anything out of the ordinary, that’s a red flag that you need to call for service. Even if your boiler is still operating great, something may be wrong that is worsening without being addressed.

Changes in Pressure

Every boiler has pressure gauges that show you how high or low the pressure inside your boiler is. There is a pressure zone that you want your boiler to stay within. When our team comes for a service call, we can talk to you about that pressure range. 

If the pressure gauges begin to show that the pressure is too low, it’s a problem. The same thing goes with pressure that is too high. Ignoring high pressure inside of your boiler can lead to a lot of problems. down the road because it adds strain to the system that ages it prematurely.

Increasing Utility Costs

Pay attention to your utility costs month after month. If you notice a steady increase on your water, electric or gas bills, your boiler may be to blame. As one of the largest appliances in your home, it consumes a lot of energy during the winter season. Persistent increases or a single leap up in cost may point back to your boiler having problems with operation.

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