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How to Keep Your Furnace Safe

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No matter how large or small your home may be or what type of climate you are in, owning a furnace is essential. Indeed, no matter if you use it for one month out of the year or six months, furnaces can literally help keep us safe, healthy, and comfortable. Therefore, you should take the time to ensure that you are doing your best to keep it safe and well-maintained. That said, here’s a list of tips and tricks to help you do just that. If you ever need further help, we’re here to assist with your furnace repair in Crystal Lake, IL.

Keep it Away from Flammable Objects

One of the top things you should do to keep your furnace safe is to keep it away from flammable objects. This is because furnaces are not designed to function when surrounded by random objects and materials. Therefore, placing flammable objects anywhere near a furnace is like an accident waiting to happen.

Focus on Filters

Another tip for keeping your furnace safe is to focus on your filters. This is because filters are used to remove particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, spores from the air to prevent them from going into the furnace. Depending on the quality of your filter, they need to be replaced anywhere between every 30-90 days. Be sure to set a schedule to ensure that you are changing your filters on time.

Check the Vents

Additionally, you should always be sure to check your vents regularly. When vents are clogged, covered, or otherwise blocked, your furnace will not function properly. However, by taking the time to check your vents regularly, you can prevent a malfunction. To check them, go from room to room and inspect the vents and their surrounding areas. Make sure they are not surrounded or covered by objects. Also, you should check the airflow to assess whether the air is flowing evenly from all vents.

Check Your Blower Motor

The furnace’s blower motor is one of its most essential parts. Given that it has so many working parts, this area often requires special attention. When it is not well maintained, a blower motor totally breakdown, which means the entire furnace becomes dysfunctional. Therefore, you should always be doing your best to protect and repair your blower motor before a major issue occurs. For example, when a furnace is making shrill, high-pitch noises, this is often a sign that the motor’s blower or wheel may need to be repaired or replaced. However, if you notice a loud, humming noise, this is a sign that the issue is electrical.

Seeking  Furnace Repair in Crystal Lake, IL

Overall, if you are searching for furnace repair in Crystal Lake, IL, you have lots of options. Nevertheless, not all furnace repair companies are created equal. So, before deciding which company to hire, make sure that you have taken the time to research, investigate and ensure that you are working with a quality company you can trust.

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