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Does it Really Require a Plumber? Let’s Help You Find Out

There are some minor plumbing problems that you can fix on your own. Other plumbing problems require expert help, but aren’t necessarily an emergency. Then there are times when plumbing problems are serious enough to require service ASAP. But how do you know when that is?

We are highlighting some of the ways that you know whether a plumbing problem is an emergency or not. When you need a plumber in Hinsdale, IL for an emergency, our team is ready to help. You can keep reading to learn more about common plumbing emergencies and how you can address the problems yourself until we can arrive at your home.

Frozen Pipes

This is a problem you want to pay attention to now in the winter season. If your pipes freeze, they can burst and lead to leaks that cause water damage. Not only do you have to repair the pipes in your house, but also the damage caused because once the frozen pipes thaw out the water begins to leak. After we help you address frozen pipes, we can also work with you on solutions like extra insulation that can help prevent pipes from freezing again in the future.

Persistent Clogs

It’s also a good idea to call and schedule service if you have persistent clogs. It’s possible to have a persistent clog in a single drain or room of your home. But it’s also possible that you have persistent clogs across your entire home, which is an even more serious problem. Persistent clogs can mean that something is wrong deep within your plumbing system that needs to be addressed. 

Our team can use a video pipe inspection to identify the source of a persistent clog and then break it down completely without any damage to your home’s plumbing system. You may be tempted to turn to chemical drain cleaners as a way to address persistent clogs, but we discourage you from doing this because they can do more harm than good.

Water Leaks

Leaks are also another reason to call for a plumber. You may be tempted to search online for a DIY tutorial or stop at your local hardware store to get supplies and fix a leak on your own. However, if you don’t understand plumbing, then you may make the problem worse instead of better. 

Sometimes it can seem like a leak is a simple problem to fix, but it may be more complicated than you realize. Fixing it on your own may be a temporary Band-Aid to a larger issue. When you partner with our team of experts, you ensure that the leak gets fixed correctly the first time so that doesn’t happen again.

Low Water Pressure

It’s also important to give us a call if you notice low water pressure. This is an issue that can develop very slowly over time. At first, you may not even realize you have low water pressure because the change happens over a period of months. Low water pressure can indicate that there is an obstruction in the water line leading to your home, like a tree root going through a pipe.

Wondering what makes the Althoff team different from the competition? Hear from one of our customers! 

Judith recently called to say thank you to our team for being there when she needed service. Our team answered the phone quickly and worked diligently to solve the issue she was having at her house. She said that we are kind, professional, and more organized than other contractors in the area that she has worked with in the past. 

You can experience the Althoff difference, too. 

Contact Althoff Home Services today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Chicago’s Choice Since 1961. Hand It Off to Althoff!

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