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Your Heat Pump May Be Locked in This Mode

It’s possible that your heat pump works great all winter long for heating, but then won’t switch modes over to cooling in the spring. This is a common problem with heat pumps and nothing to panic about. Usually, the reversing valve is stuck in one position or the other, and won’t allow your heat pump to alternate between heating and cooling.

When this happens, you need to call our team and schedule a heat pump repair in Crystal Lake, IL. You can keep reading to learn more about heat pump reversing valve problems and what we can do to fix your heat pump if it is stuck and heating mode.

Stuck in Heating or Cooling Mode? 

Most of the time, you realize that your heat pump is stuck in one mode when we are in between seasons and trying to switch between heating and cooling. It can be very alarming because you probably think your heat pump stopped working. But really, one small component is to blame. 

That is the reversing valve. The reversing valve is what allows your heat pump to switch between heating and cooling when you set your thermostat. As your heat pump ages, so does this component. It can wear down or even get grimy and end up stuck in either heating or cooling mode. Right now, your heat pump may be stuck in heating mode and will not switch over to cooling mode when you try.

If the reversing valve is the problem, it’s usually something that is pretty easy to fix. Our team just has to replace this one component to get your heat pump working again. After all, there’s nothing wrong with your heat pump itself, just the ability to switch modes.

Potential Thermostat Problems

It’s also possible that your heat pump’s reversing valve is not to blame at all. Instead, it may be that your thermostat is not calibrated correctly, and therefore doesn’t signal for your heat pump to turn on and off at the correct times. Like reversing valve problems, thermostat problems are fairly easy to address.

Our team will have to do a little bit of troubleshooting and test your thermostat to find out what is wrong. We may have to re-calibrate it so that the connections between your thermostat and your heat pump are working more cohesively. We may also have to gently brush out dust buildup from inside of your thermostat that may be interfering.

Other times, thermostat batteries are low and prevent proper functionality. And, of course, there are occasions when we have to replace thermostats completely. This is more common if you have an older thermostat model that is outdated. In this case, we encourage you to upgrade to a smart thermostat because of the many benefits it can offer.

Hear From One of Our Satisfied Customers! 

“I just wanted to thank you for the great service we received over the past few days in repairing our furnace. That’s especially Samantha, who was able to expedite the parts above and beyond when our blower motor failed and left us in the cold, and Craig for getting the new parts installed in short order. We are very appreciative of the response we received and look forward to a continuing relationship with your company.”

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