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The Most Common Source of Humidifier Leaks (Video)

The number one source of humidifier leaks is the homeowner not changing the water panel inside the unit.

If the panel gets plugged up with hard water deposits, the water can’t travel through the surface space of the panel like it’s supposed to. Instead, it begins to cascade—not down the pad, but on the outside of the unit. You may see water coming out of the cabinet.

Here’s how to maintain your water panel and resolve leaks.

1. Remove the water panel unit from the cabinet and take off the distributor. You will see the nozzle where water goes in and then distributes along a series of holes along the top. If the holes are plugged up with hard water deposits, the water will build up and cascade over the top. Clean any hard water build-up.

2. Change out the water panel itself.

3. Vacuum out the sleeve and/or wash it out in a utility sink or your kitchen sink. Make sure there isn’t any blockage.

4. Before you put the water panel unit back in, take a look at the cabinet. There is a spud along the bottom of the cabinet. A nipple on the bottom of the water panel goes into this spud, creating a connection that allows water to drain out of the bottom of the humidifier. Make sure this is not plugged up with calcium hard water deposits, which can interrupt proper drainage flow.

5. Put the water panel unit back together and place it back in the cabinet.

Test the operation. More than likely you took care of the humidifier leak by changing the water panel, cleaning the distributor, making sure the sleeve is clean, and making sure the cabinet is clear of debris.

Still troubled by a humidifier leak? Hand it off to Althoff.

If the above steps didn’t fix your humidifier leak, or you’d just prefer to have a pro handle the process, call us at (815) 455-7000. Althoff Industries serves the Greater Chicago area.

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