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Ceiling Fan on the Fritz? Here’s What Could Be Wrong

If your ceiling fan is not working as it should, and you may be wondering what is wrong. Even though it is a fairly small addition to your home, there are a lot of components that go into ceiling fan operation. Any number of things could be wrong.

But our team can take the guesswork out of ceiling fan repair in Crystal Lake, IL. We can assess the problem and either fix or replace your ceiling fan, depending on what is wrong. You can keep reading to learn more about common ceiling fan problems that we see and what they mean. 

Flickering Light 

If your ceiling fan has an attached light, the problem may in fact, be with the light itself and not the ceiling fan. A common complaint that we receive is flickering lights on a ceiling fan. Sometimes fixing the problem is as easy as tightening a loose bulb. 

But other times, there is an electrical problem that needs to be addressed. This can be a big deal because electrical problems are dangerous for your home and family. Allowing an electrical problem to continue on may lead to more widespread damage or even a fire.


Another common complaint is that a ceiling fan waffles back-and-forth while it is on. There’s a chance that your ceiling fan was not installed correctly to begin with, leading to it being a little loose and offering more movement. 

Or one of the fan blades may be loose or broken, contributing to a wobble effect. If you bought a cheap ceiling fan, the fault may simply be with a poor quality of materials. Upgrading to a better fan may be a solution. There’s also a chance that our team can take the ceiling fan down and install it again correctly without you having to spend any money on a new one. 

Loud Noises 

Your ceiling fan should be fairly quiet as it operates to provide airflow around your home. Any loud or particularly noticeable noises are a red flag that something is wrong. It’s possible that a small part is loose and rattling around. If it keeps rattling, it may damage other components, too. As the years go by, the bearings inside of your fan can also get dirty and lose lubrication, leading to an unpleasant sound. Sometimes it is as simple as cleaning out these bearings and relubricating them. 

Single Speed 

And speaking of a problem with the bearings, this may also manifest in the form of your fan being stuck on a single speed setting. Sometimes when the bearings are dirty, or don’t have enough lubrication to move. As a result, your fan will get stuck on a single speed setting with an inability to move between different speeds. If your fan was designed to have more than one speed setting, it should be able to accommodate that. Cleaning out the bearings and relubricating them may also help you to have more fan speeds available.

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