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Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

Regular maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of your furnace. There are points, however, when even a well-maintained furnace may need replacing. Like any other appliance, furnaces don’t go on running forever.

Here are signs that it may be time to replace your furnace.

5 Furnace Replacement Signs

1. Your furnace is old enough to drive.

Once your furnace reaches 15 years of age, it’s beginning to live on borrowed time.

Even if your 15-year-old furnace seems to be operating properly, you may notice escalating heating bills. Once you start repairing an aging furnace, those repairs often become more regular, extensive and expensive.

That’s not to say that a well-maintained furnace may not last five or ten years longer. Still, the 15-year lifespan serves as a guidepost to prepare for repairs or replacement. Like an aging car in need of constant repair, there will be a time you need to decide when to draw the line and replace it.

2. Your home doesn’t feel as comfortable as it once was.

Are you reaching for your coat even when you’re indoors? Are the kids bundling up for dinner? Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat because your living room is warm but the bedroom feels like the North Pole?

Poor and uneven heating are common symptoms of furnace problems. If your furnace is still young, it may only need a simple furnace filter change or other routine maintenance.

If you have an aging furnace, however, it may be time to budget for a replacement.

3. Your furnace is becoming the soundtrack of winter in your home.

A well-operating, efficient furnace should be almost imperceptible when it’s running. At the very least, it shouldn’t attract attention to itself.

Rattling, screeching, clamoring, popping, and rumbling noises are likely signs your furnace has an issue and needs professional attention.

If the furnace has reached the 15-year milestone, these sounds may be a cry for a furnace replacement.

4. Your heating bills are climbing.

If your rates have stayed steady and it’s not an extraordinarily cold winter—yet you still notice higher energy bills—your furnace may be picking your pocket and it needs to go.

Higher energy bills are a common motivator for furnace replacement. This can ultimately prove a prudent decision as opposed to repair. If your bills are climbing now because of an inefficient furnace, they aren’t going to suddenly become cheaper.

5. Your house has never been comfortable in the winter.

If your home has never quite seemed comfortable during the winter months, the problem could be drafty windows or poor insulation. But, it could also mean your furnace was never properly sized or installed. In the Greater Chicago area, contact Althoff Industries and we’ll help you determine what can be done or if a furnace replacement will solve your problem.

Repair or Replace?

Even when a furnace replacement is necessary, it’s not all bad news. A new furnace will operate quietly and more efficiently. Many of our customers experience savings so significant, they tell us they wish they’d replaced their furnace sooner!

If you suspect your furnace is reaching retirement age, call Althoff Industries at (815) 455-7000. We serve customers throughout the Greater Chicago area, and can help you determine whether your furnace is worth saving or replacing.

This information is provided as a general guideline. Althoff Industries does not assume any liability resulting from the provided information.

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