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Sept 25 is National Tune Up Day: Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

Now that school is back in session and we settle into our Fall routines, it is time to think about the inevitable winter ahead. In fact, September 25 is National Tune Up Day for furnaces across the country. It is particularly important here in the greater Chicago area where our winters can be brutal. What can you do to be a part of National Tune Up Day? First, you can schedule a furnace tune up. The second thing you can do is to use #NationalTuneUpDay on social media to spread the word. This is important because a furnace tune up is not only a matter of ensuring a furnace is operating efficiently, but that it is operating safely as well.

Why Preventive Furnace Maintenance?

A thorough furnace tune up ensures your heating system is clean, operating efficiently and also checks that any impending part failures are addressed. A skilled technician will have the appropriate tools to test gasses to make sure they are safe and that your furnace is vented properly. Notice we said “thorough” furnace tune-up. Many of the $39 and $49 furnace tune-up coupon specials you’ll see this time of year are no more than a promotional vehicle that may just be used to “find” additional problems. This is why it is important you select an experienced company with the proper equipment and training, a superior reputation and a customer-centric approach.

How Often Should You Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up?

If the tune up is thorough, once a year may be sufficient. We recommend you get a furnace tune up in the Fall as we head into the cold weather season. This assures that your furnace is ready for the hard work that it will be performing in the coming winter months, keeping you warm without interruption. That’s why we feel September 25th is an optimal time to remind our customers, and potential customers, to schedule a tune up.

What Should Be Included in Furnace Preventive Maintenance?

A furnace tune should includes this extensive list:

1. Remove dust and dirt from the unit and vents

2. Check and change HVAC air filter.

3. Ensure fresh air intake grills are not blocked.

4. Check blower wheel and motor for efficient and quiet operation.

5. Secure wiring, check all wiring for any damage or wear.

6. Examine all parts for any corrosion or cause of corrosion.

7. Determine that drains and traps are in good condition.

8. Establish that fuel-jets are working efficiently.

9. Analyze combustion gasses and compare this analysis to what is recommended for your furnace.

An HVAC technician goal while performing this checklist should be to ensure you, the homeowner, that you have a clean, safe, and efficient heating system that will keep your family comfortable throughout the winter months.

Will a Tune-Up Prevent Future Problems?

While a furnace tune up cannot guarantee you won’t have problems in the coming months, you will be far better prepared to prevent problems. In many instances, problems may be age-related, meaning the older your heating system, the more issues you may face. That being said, the older your furnace, the more important a furnace tune up can be. Even on newer systems, however, a furnace tune up can maximize its lifespan.

Discover the Althoff Difference

At Althoff Industries, our technicians are trained and provided with the latest technology to appropriately analyze the operation of your furnace. We have built our company not on selling more parts, but by delivering better service. We are customer focused and are proud of our online reviews and testimonials. Before you observe National Tune Up Day with a coupon special, discover the difference with a comprehensive furnace tune from Althoff Industries. Contact us for an appointment for a thorough furnace tune up and enter the winter season with greater peace of mind.

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