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Benefits of Installing an EV Charger in Your Home

If you have an electric vehicle, you may not have made the leap into installing an EV charging station at your home quite yet. An at-home EV charging station offers a lot of benefits beyond convenience.

If you’re interested in at-home EV charging in Crystal Lake, IL, our team can help. If you’re not quite sold on the idea of this investment, keep reading to learn more about the key benefits. Then give us a call to schedule an assessment of your home so we can offer a quote and outline how the installation process works. 


The number one benefit of having an at-home EV charging station is convenience. When you’re at home, you can charge your vehicle. Most EV drivers do this overnight while they sleep. Having a charging station at home gives you the peace of mind that your car is ready to go each morning with a fresh charge. You never have to plan to leave early to stop at a public charging station. 

Save Money

You invested in an electric vehicle because you wanted to save money on gas. Driving your electric vehicle is already cheaper than using a gas powered vehicle. Well, charging your vehicle at home is also cheaper than charging it at a public station. When you charge a vehicle at home, your only cost is electricity. 

When you charge your EV at a public station, you’re also paying other fees to cover overhead for the owner. Plus you’re paying a premium for a stronger charger that can charge your car faster so you don’t wait as long. If you can charge your car at night while you sleep, the speed of charging is not as big of a factor. 


When you head to a public EV charging station, there are a lot of factors that come into play. You may get stuck in traffic on your way to the station, or have to wait in line behind others who are also charging their vehicles. Plus, there’s always the chance that a charging station is down and you need to go to a different one. With an at-home EV charger, you can eliminate all of these ‘what ifs.’ 

Battery Longevity

A slow charge is actually better for your EV’s battery than a fast charge. Most EV auto makers suggest that you limit how often you use one of the level three fast chargers. These chargers are also referred to as super chargers, and they can cost you in battery life with frequent use.

Allowing your battery to charge slowly overnight at your home will help your battery last longer. This could mean that you won’t lose range as quickly as you would with using fast chargers more often. The charger in your home would be either a level one or level two charger. Sure, it doesn’t charge your car as quickly, but the trade-off is worth it. 

Property Value

If you plan to rent your home out or sell it in the near future, an EV charging station is a great way to add property value to your home. You may have potential renters and buyers who need an EV charging station, or have been interested in purchasing an electric vehicle and haven’t made that leap yet.

It is inevitable that electric vehicles will gain traction as the years go on, and having an EV charging station sets you up for being ahead of the demand curve in the future. 

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