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6 Tips to Maintain Residential Air Conditioner Peak Performance

Homeowners rely on their air conditioner to work reliably and efficiently all summer long, so when a unit fails, it can lead to uncomfortably living and sleeping conditions. Learn how to keep you’re A/C unit operating efficiently all summer long with these tips.

1. Keep the Heat Off the Thermostat

An air conditioner’s thermostat keeps indoor air temperature constant. It is important to note, though, that a thermostat temperature sensor is located within the thermostat. For this reason, all heat producing appliances, including lights, should be kept away from the thermostat as they lead the sensor to think it is warmer inside the home than it actually is and consequently activate the air conditioner to run. An air conditioner that runs too often, can lead to excessively high cooling bills and decrease the performance of the high efficiency A/C unit.

2. Program Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to pre-program their air conditioners, according to the time and whether it’s a weekend or weekday. According to Houselogic, homeowners could save as much as $180 a year by keeping their thermostats programmed. Energy Star recommends keeping thermostats set to 78 degrees while occupying the home, 85 degrees while everyone is at work or school and 74 degrees while sleeping.

3. Keep the Air Flowing

Air conditioners need air in order to function at their peak performance. Homeowners should regularly change or clean the a/c air filter and keep the outdoor condenser area clean and free of debris. Failure to perform these common maintenance items can dramatically reduce the performance of the home’s high efficiency A/C system.

4. Consider a Duct Inspection and Sealing

Air ducts that are leaky with holes, cracks and separated seams allow cool air out of the ducts and warm air into the ducts. This dramatically reduces A/C peak performance and may cause some rooms in the home to feel hot and stuffy. Exceptionally dirty air ducts slow the air flow and result in dirt, dust and pollen being forced airborne, which can reduce indoor comfort and create high energy bills.

5. Take Advantages of Weatherization Services

Many utility companies offer free weatherization inspections that come with detailed reports of the home’s current energy efficiency and recommendations for residential energy efficiency improvements, like sealing doors and windows and investing in a high efficiency A/C.

6. Licensed Residential HVAC Contractor Inspection

Lastly, homeowners should consider hiring a licensed residential HVAC contractor to conduct a thorough inspection. Licensed HVAC contractors are educated and trained on helping residential air conditioners maintain their peak performance and reliability. Licensed cooling technicians, can inspect all types of air conditioners, perform repairs and provide useful tips on how to achieve A/C peak performance.

For more tips on maintaining A/C peak performance or to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment contact Althoff at 815-455-7000.

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