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5 Reasons Air Conditioner Maintenance Inspection Saves You Money

A regularly maintained air conditioner is one that is working efficiently, which in turn helps homeowners keep utility bills down. Spring is the optimal time to schedule an inspection–before the high heat of summer returns. Here are 5 ways that an annual air conditioner maintenance inspection will help keep summer cooling costs down.

1. Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

When an air conditioner maintenance inspection is performed, a trained expert will examine and clean all the moving parts. The coils inside an A/C unit transfer heat from the refrigerant to the outside air while the fan inside the condenser helps accelerate the removal of that heat. When the coils and fan are dirty, it slows down that transfer of heat so the air conditioner must work harder to keep the home comfortable.

2. Keep Repair Bills in Check

All the parts of an air conditioner work together to cool a home. When one part fails, it can lead to increased wear and tear on other parts which will add up to costly repairs. By scheduling an air conditioner maintenance inspection in the spring–before the cooling season begins–homeowners can locate and replace failing parts before they have a chance to cause harm to the rest of the unit.

3. Prevent A/C Failure

A spring inspection will also help prevent a major repair or even a complete failure of an air conditioning system during the hottest summer days. Every inspection includes checking all major components, including refrigerant levels, to ensure proper operation. Maintaining proper refrigerant levels is essential, and many homeowners do not realize that their air conditioner is low on refrigerant before it’s too late.

A slow leak will cause a slow deterioration of the A/C unit. The early signs might be a slight increase in energy bills as the air conditioner must work harder to compensate for the low refrigerant level. As the season wears on, homeowners may begin to notice warmer air from vents or that the air conditioner seems to be running more often. If left unresolved, low refrigerant levels can cause the air conditioner to stop working altogether, or even damage the compressor motor–a very costly repair.

4. Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

A well-maintained A/C unit can last up to 20 years while a neglected one could fail in as little as 10 years. An annual A/C inspection will ensure that the unit is clean, that moving parts are operating correctly, and that ideal fluid levels are maintained. An air conditioner is no small investment; proper maintenance will ensure that investment is a sound one.

5. Warranty Compliance

A manufacturer’s warranty provides peace of mind for homeowners when installing a new air conditioner. However, most manufacturers require proper maintenance for that warranty to remain in effect. Plus, if there are problems with the air conditioner that are covered by the warranty, finding and resolving those problems while the A/C unit is still under warranty is essential.

Long-Term Savings with Regular A/C Inspections

Keeping an air conditioner running smoothly will not only provide homeowners with a comfortable home, but it will also help keep energy and repair bills low. We offer several options for scheduling A/C service including no-hassle memberships that include pre-scheduled inspections and a discount on covered repairs. Ready to start saving? Call Althoff Industries at 815-455-7000 today!

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