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steve phipps's Profile Image
steve phipps, 3+ years ago

Being in the military, we have moved a lot. You learn very quickly to purchase dependability. After owning 4 homes in 19 years and buying 4 Trane cooling / heating units, we thought we had a sound resource for our future home purchase needs. So when we purchased a Trane unit for our home in Chicago- we thought we made a solid decision. What we learned was that even amongst Diamonds, you can find a LEMON. Please Understand, it was not our Trane unit, but the company that sold us our new expensive unit (TDH Mechanical). TRANE needs to be careful with who they allow to be vendors - their customers impression, loyalty, and future purchases depends on it. We contacted Trane and was directed to Chicago lands biggest installer. HUGE NIGHTMARE!! They were so happy to take our money, but did a horrible job installing it! After TDH's 24 hour emergency phone number failed to reach someone when our new Trane unit did not work during our recent winter freeze at 1 AM, luckily we found ALTHOFF. They have been AMAAAZZING:)!!!! Getting ready to deploy and trying to get this mess straightened up would have not been possible without ALTHOFF. They made it possible for me to concentrate on my training to do my job - which is to serve our country. We will be ALTHOFF customers for life. We are getting ready to purchase our final home in Chicago land when I return from deployment - you can bet ALTHOFF is coming with us. Thank you ALTHOFF for everything you did and do for us your loyal customers. Especially Ryan, Katrina, and who helped during our time of need. And, Trane - be careful who sells your products - your customers loyalty depends on it. God Bless.

Jennifer Cortez's Profile Image
Jennifer Cortez, 3+ years ago

Everyone is always very courteous, thorough, and explains services well, especially Our customer service rep Ruth Ann and our technician, Mike.

Madeline Graunke's Profile Image
Madeline Graunke, 3+ years ago
Lewis Butler's Profile Image
Lewis Butler, 3+ years ago

Great team of people to work with.

Lynn Mackeben's Profile Image
Lynn Mackeben, 3+ years ago

Great scheduling and service, always keep you in the loop on their arrival time and scheduling.

Burt Krain's Profile Image
Burt Krain, 3+ years ago

Ryan and Ruth were very professional and met my needs very well. Craig is the consummate professional and always takes care of my families HVAC needs.

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Carriann Overheidt, 3+ years ago
Natalie Millirons's Profile Image
Natalie Millirons, 3+ years ago
Amy Fowles's Profile Image
Amy Fowles, 3+ years ago
Thomas Butow's Profile Image
Thomas Butow, 3+ years ago

Scott when servicing my furnace or air conditioning is always courteous and friendly and pleasant to talk with! Althoff"s has a great employee working for them!

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