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Floyd Myers, 3+ years ago

Althoff has taken care of our HVAC and pump needs for a number of years under maintenance agreements. Furnace, air conditioner, and sump pumps have been replaced in the last fifteen months, and we just had a new water heater installed. We have been pleased and very satisfied with the work, the products, and especially the people. Good company!

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Cynthia Komarek, 3+ years ago
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Gene Woods, 3+ years ago

I have been using Althoff for over 20 years. Great service and professionalism every single time they have been to my house. I've been a member of their Gold Plan which provides great preventative maintenance.

Barbara Bartosch's Profile Image
Barbara Bartosch, 3+ years ago

Just the nicest folks - they explain everything in detail and make sure I understand the work they are doing. I would never hesitate to recommend their services.

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Sandy Soucy, 3+ years ago
Corey Tyhurst's Profile Image
Corey Tyhurst, 3+ years ago

Very satisfied with Altoff. They always show up on time and do good work. Very professional and their rates are very reasonable.

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Mary Nielsen, 3+ years ago

Has always done well by me for 17 years now, keep up the good work Althoff's

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Gerry Schechter, 3+ years ago

I have always received quality work and information from Jim and will use Althoff
for my complicated HVAC needs. They're great

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John Switzer, 3+ years ago

I saw their service man at someone else's house. He was to be there at 8am. We had gone to breakfast and were hurrying back for that appointment. There he was! 8am sharp! I was there and heard the the service man told the customer exactly what he was doing. He checked the various parts before installing them to make sure they were good and not faulty. How many people do that????
He also was courteous, made sure his feet were covered, and I was very impressed. As a result of being a witness to that, I have Althoff as my service company now. They have installed a new furnace, air conditioner, did revamping of duct work, they service my whole house generator, and their customer service department is absolutely tops. Call to set things up. Reminders of appointments. They call if the tech is going to be late. Honestly, I have nothing but praises for this company.
It was my loss that I thought all they did were the big, power lines and towers you see across the fields when driving. Never knew they did homes! I strongly recommend this company!

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Pam Hoffman, 3+ years ago

As always Althoff exceeded my expectations. Mike was on time and performed all scheduled inspections and kept the areas clean. His professionalism and knowledge is wonderful.

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