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Renee Zellner, Yesterday
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Vasilios Prassas, This week
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Beverly Mikus, This week

The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. And on time!

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Ray Maldonado, This week

We explained to Scott, the technician, that we had a gurgling in the main shower. He asked to see the sump pump room and noticed there was not enough air flow going through the pipes after turning on all the faucets and hearing the gurgling sound himself. He diagnosed the problem within minutes and was able to fix it in no time. The gurgling finally stopped after modifying the pipes and bringing them up to code. I want to thank Tom for sending Scott, one of his best technicians, to take care of us. I highly recommend Althoff for all home services.

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Janos Csonka, This week

Made the appointment and their showed up right on time .
The estimate I wanted was very quick…
Wasn't pressured to make up my mind right away like others would do…
I am still considering them to install my furnace and air conditioning.

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Osman Ahmed, This week
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Bob Chinn, Last week

Great experience, it's great to know that this terrific company is available in the area

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Gloria Jenson, Last week

We've always used Althoff. They set the time within a 2 hour window and usually are ahead of that time frame. The come in do their work, pick up after themselves and are friendly, tell me if there is an issue, etc. and get the job done quickly. I would highly recommend them.

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Ralph Siwicki, This month

The service tech was very thorough and answered all our concerns. I was pleased with the results and was assured the Heating and AC was in good working condition. The service Exceeded my expectations.

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Gcwalla Ngo Skwi Zee, This month

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