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James Parker, 3+ years ago

Karina (hope that's the correct spelling) was so helpful and speedy quick! Thank you! You are a great representative for Althoff.

Jon O's Profile Image
Jon O, 3+ years ago
Carrie Burden's Profile Image
Carrie Burden, 3+ years ago

Excellent service, from the first call in the office to the technician working onsite! Thumbs up to Katrina and Brian P for their friendly, knowledgeable helpfulness this month at a client's property.

Becks Beck's's Profile Image
Becks Beck's, 3+ years ago
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Christine Anne, 3+ years ago

We are long time customers of Althoff.
They are reputable, professional and knowledgeable.
Our recent appointment was to have annual maintenance on our sump pumps. Brian Pulaski from Althoff explained what he was doing and made sure our pumps are in good working order.
5 stars Brian.

Barb Dodds's Profile Image
Barb Dodds, 3+ years ago
Jennifer Fredrich's Profile Image
Jennifer Fredrich, 3+ years ago

I've had an ongoing issue with my plumbing so I've met many plumbers with Althoff. All of them have been phenomenal! They are courteous, straight shooters so you never question their work or their pricing. They are also personable and informative. I've met many plumbers over the years and not only are these guys great but their inside support team are as well.

John Croft's Profile Image
John Croft, 3+ years ago

Installer Dave Lindbergh is simply the best. Brandon was his apprentice on installation day. He was also very competent. Our boiler was about 60 years old. These guys did a great job. Thank you so much.

John and Inge Croft
Village of Lakewood, IL

John Plazak's Profile Image
John Plazak, 3+ years ago
Jim Christensen's Profile Image
Jim Christensen, 3+ years ago

In the most recent service call, Mike was friendly, professional, explained everything, did a good job, and was polite. We have used Althoff fo years. Our experience has always been extremely positive. We would recommend to anyone.

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