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Patricia Musachio's Profile Image
Patricia Musachio, 3+ years ago

Outstanding service

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Karen Snodgrass, 3+ years ago

Professional, reliable service

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Mark Allen, 3+ years ago

Our service Technician, Craig Huso, was fantastic. Very thorough, professional, clean, and explained everything he did in a very easy manner enabling us to understand what the results achieved. He also explained in great detail enhancements we could do to improve our system using a cost benefit analysis approach. I would high recommend Althoff Industries and do all the time. Craig is a credit to Althoff Industries and his trade.

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Monique Crossan, 3+ years ago
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Alice Haznedl, 3+ years ago
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Gloria Morris, 3+ years ago
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yvette klobuchar, 3+ years ago

For many years, Althoff Industries has taken great care of our home for a variety of issues. One stand out employee is, Tom Kopf, from the parts department. He has been so helpful in locating discontinued parts that are impossible to find anywhere. He's very professional, punctual, and explains in great detail the install process. Also, Katrina has been a pleasure to work with. She's great at following up and very helpful with scheduling.

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Scott Svitak, 3+ years ago
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Lee Benish, 3+ years ago

We have been longtime customers and their team is always outstanding.

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Tom Wanamaker, 3+ years ago

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