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Laura Welter's Profile Image
Laura Welter, Last month

Technician was professional and informative. I love the personalized info about the tech on the way and the tracking to know when they will arrive.

Bob Novak's Profile Image
Bob Novak, Last month

Excellent workmanship and clean-up. Very thoughtful about covering floors with runners and having booties on. Workmen were extremely knowledgeable and efficient.

Dianna Mc's Profile Image
Dianna Mc, This year

Chris B came again to handle annual maintenance. He's on time, very professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. He's able to handle my questions while working efficiently and politely. He obviously cares to to get the job done correctly and is so personable too!

Antonia Weddle's Profile Image
Antonia Weddle, This year

I needed an electrician for three small jobs in my condo. Teo from Althoff was prompt, pleasant and not condescending, and did all three jobs competently, in a timely manner, and left my unit just as he found it - except everything now works! I'm pleased with his work ethic and would recommend his services to anyone needing an electrician.

Vasilis Katsoulis's Profile Image
Vasilis Katsoulis, This year

Althoff came to my rescue when the snow was melting and my sum-pump stopped working. Within 30 minutes, they sent Jesse who was a very diligent plumber and corrected the issue and saved my basement from flooding.
For any future plumping or HVAC needs I will certainly call them back without hesitation.

LabLover2's Profile Image
LabLover2, This year

Our serviceman, Joe Scanlan, installed our Ring floodlight and help us sinc it with our existing Ring cameras. Very pleased with his work and he was a very nice man.

Grace Linnane's Profile Image
Grace Linnane, This year

We were very pleased with Jim Richter from Althoff. He defiantly knows what he's doing. He's a people pleaser and very through. Althoff better hang on to him, he's a keeper.

Judith & David Mayzel's Profile Image
Judith & David Mayzel

Submitted by an Althoff CSR via phone call:

Judith Mayzel, The sister of David Mayzel, called in to tell us how amazing of a company we are. She said we are great for being there when our customers need us and that we answer the phone so quickly. She said both Todd Holmes and Michael Reihl were amazing. We are all so nice. She called her HVAC company that she normally uses and they didnt even answer her call or respond to her, I asked where she was located and she is by the United Center and I looked up the area she is in and let her know that we do service her area she said she will be switching her own service over. She asked how we get to be so good. She said we must have the best leadership. I forwarded the receipts for both appointments to let her know what was completed and she was amazed by our processes. The issue has not yet been resolved but she loves how we are handling things. Great Job Everyone!

Daniel Bochneak's Profile Image
Daniel Bochneak, This year

Regular interval preventive maintenance check-ups performed by an HVAC professional assures that our HVAC system is safe and functioning with the level of efficiency necessary to maintain our household comfort and safety. We have used Althoff Industries for several years and have always been extremely satisfied with their services. Our Althoff technician Cayetano was professional, personable and pleasant. I appreciated his diligence and attention to detail that could make a difference to our HVAC reliability and comfort level.

Aaron Zaretsky's Profile Image
Aaron Zaretsky, This year

Fabulous and prompt service, as always!

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