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Joy Hoffmann's Profile Image
Joy Hoffmann, This year

This business has wonderful customer service, from the personnel who answer the phone to the estimators for projects, installers and the plumbers, electricians etc. They listen to your issues & concerns and solve them. I trust their work and recommend Althoff highly. Your home is a major investment- I trust this business to help maintain & improve my investment. My Thanks to everyone

Gertrude Butler's Profile Image
Gertrude Butler, This year

Our boiler light would not stay lit on the coldest
night/day last week so we called Althoff and they sent a repairman out that morning. He said we needed a part that they did not have in stock but would find it and be back in the afternoon. A different service rep came back later in the day with the needed part and we had heat right away. Thank you Althoff. All the staff were very nice and helpful and would recommend them highly.

Eagle Eye's Profile Image
Eagle Eye, This year

Had electrician do an assessment of electrical panel because of home inspection report. Electrician was fair and honest. Arrived on time, and gave quick, knowledgeable service.

clint wallin's Profile Image
clint wallin, This year

A bit pricey, but the folks that come and service your air/furnace are kind and knowledgeable.

Jim Thomas's Profile Image
Jim Thomas, This year

Althoff services the HVAC for our Condo association and also for many owners. I've used them for many years for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.They give great service, are friendly, prompt, highly competent and user-friendly. I've dealt with many vendors both professionally and for my needs over the decades, and Althoff is by far the best.

Mark Mann's Profile Image
Mark Mann, This year

Excellent people and an outstanding repair very satisfied except for their issues in keeping timely appointments.
Bottom line I would use them again tomorrow if I needed the help.

Desiré Peters's Profile Image
Desiré Peters, This year
joanne rosado's Profile Image
joanne rosado, This year

My house was heating/air conditioning unevenly, half the house was freezing and the other sweltering, it was unbearable. I called an independent service and ABC with no solution. Jeff came out and immediately recognized the problem and had a solution for me. Within 2 days he had a team out and had the problem corrected within a few hours. Thank you Althoff for amazing service.

Robert Abboud's Profile Image
Robert Abboud, This year
Mike Deering's Profile Image
Mike Deering, This year

Justin could not have been more thorough. Our furnace is clearly operating more efficiently. He was clear about what he was working to do and explained everything. It's worth being an Althoff member for comp services like these.

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