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Benefits of Salt Delivery for Your Water Softener

If you have a water softener, keeping a supply of salt is crucial to effective operation. It’s easy enough to buy salt on your own when you need it, but having timely salt delivery can take one thing off of your to-do list.

You can keep reading to learn more about water softener salt delivery in Crystal Lake. Read more about how often you should be adding salt and why it’s important to maintain adequate salt levels all along, instead of putting off adding more salt to your water softener.

Frequency of Adding Salt

There are a variety of different guidelines out there for how often you need to add salt to your water softener. The general consensus is that the salt needs to be refilled every 6 to 8 weeks. The recommendation that we make is for you to check the salt levels weekly to create the good habit of doing so. 

This way, if you use more water than normal one week, you can go ahead and refill the salt before it gets too low. After all, maintaining adequate salt levels is what helps to soften your water in the first place. It is better to add a little salt all along, rather than waiting until salt levels are low and you need to put significantly more into the unit.

This is one reason that salt deliveries are important to automate. Do you want to risk running out of salt for your water softener? When deliveries happen automatically, you will always know you have enough salt to refill the water softener when the time comes. Instead of adding something to your to-do list, we’re taking something off of it. The only thing you have to remember is to check the salt levels and refill it when the timing is right. We take care of the rest.

Importance of Salt for Water Softeners

Your water softener has resin beads inside of it that help to remove the impurities in your water. But, these resin beads can only hold so many minerals from hard water before they need to be cleaned so they can repeat the cycle. 

That’s where salt comes in. Your water softener uses salt to clean off the resin beads and remove the minerals from hard water. Those minerals then channel out of your water softener in one direction while the resin beads return to the unit so that they can be ready to attract more of those hard water particles to soften water for your home.

If there’s not enough salt to clean off the resin beads, the resin beads will maintain some of those hard water minerals when they cycle back through your water softener to absorb more hard water particles. They won’t be as effective as they would be if the salt levels were adequate for cleaning the beads. This is why we encourage you to add a little bit more salt all along as it gets used by the water softener. 

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