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Electrical Emergency Service: Common Code Violations

May 03, 2019

It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare. You flip on a light switch and nothing happens. You check an outlet, also no power. Finally, you head to the breaker box to see if anything needs to be reset. If that doesn’t work, then you’re calling an electrician and spending the rest of the day in the dark ages until your power is back up and running.

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Surge Protector Safety Tips

Mar 25, 2019

Surge protectors are essential electrical safety features in just about every home. Living in a world powered by electronics, most households have at least one surge protector for their computers, entertainment centers, mobile devices or kitchen appliances.

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The Difference Between a Hot Light Switch and a Warm Dimmer Switch

Aug 15, 2017

Your home is a marvel of independent and interconnected devices. Water flows in and out, managed throughout via a network of pipes, faucets, and drains. Water is even heated to a desired temperature. Air circulates in and out and is cooled, heated, and even purified and dehumidified. Electricity is available as easily as plugging something into an electrical socket or flipping on a light switch. Most of the time, when they are functioning properly, we take these systems for granted. It's quite a different story when there are problems.

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