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Why Does My Heater Make a Screeching Sound?

“Do you know how old your sump pump is?”

I love to ask people this when I get the chance. Unless they recently had a flooded basement, they don’t remember. Nobody does.

That’s not surprising. There’s a lot to remember these days … passwords, websites, birthdays, anniversaries (especially that last one!). After awhile, it’s hard enough to remember your own age, let alone the age of your sump pump. Plus, it’s down in the basement where you never go if you can help it. Even if you do look at the sump pump, it’s not like there’s a tag on it that clearly tells you the age.

Here’s the thing. Even though forgetting your sump pump’s birthday is understandable, it can lead to problems (and not because you didn’t get it a gift…).

Your sump pump is probably older than you think.

I was recently discussing average sump pump life expectancy with a major manufacturer. They said: “The average life expectancy for a sump pump is five to seven years.”

Wow, I thought. That comes really fast.

I talk to customers all the time who say, “Yeah, I think we had the sump pump replaced a few years ago.” So, I go into the service history, and it was actually 10 years ago! Time flies, right? Some people have been in their homes for over 10 years, and have never replaced the sump pump that came with the house.

That’s a problem, because flood water entering your basement is NOT the time you want to discover that your sump pump is on its last leg.

What are some signs you should replace your sump pump?

  • Old Age: Though the average life expectancy is five to seven years, you may get more or less use depending on how hard and how often the sump pump has to work. Have a professional examine the pump to determine what shape it’s in.
  • Loud and/or Unusual Noises: Goes for all machines, right? Some noise is normal, but if it’s louder than you remember, call in a pro to take a listen. Rattles, thunks, knocking and grinding sounds may mean a motor problem.
  • Cycling On and Off: If your sump pump goes through constant cycles of turning on and off—or doesn’t turn on or off when it should—call in a professional. You may need a new pump, or there may be a problem with the power or float switch.
  • Won’t Stop Running: If your sump pump runs continuously, it may be unable to handle the water load the way it should. It may be time to replace it.

Let the pros at Althoff’s replace your aging sump pump before there’s a problem.

Do yourself a favor: Get your old sump pump replaced. Don’t go through another rainy season hoping you won’t have a problem. Our professional Chicago plumbers can get that squared away for you. Contact us at 800-225-2443 to schedule.

Also, remember that you should have a professional sump pump inspection once a year. That little pump with a big job is too important to ignore.

Plus, when someone asks you if you know how old your sump pump is, you can say “YES!”

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