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Signs You May Have a Plumbing Leak


Leaks are probably pretty high on your list of things you don’t want to have happen. While some household problems have easy fixes, sometimes plumbing leaks don’t. This is because leaks cause a ripple effect of damage to surrounding areas. Plumbing leaks can start out so small that you don’t even notice them until they’re a big problem that requires immediate attention.

But you can avoid squishy puddles under your carpet and dark spots on your ceiling by paying attention to signs of a plumbing leak. Watch for these five signs of a leak, and then give us a call for plumbing in Crystal Lake, IL to stay ahead of water damage caused by plumbing leaks.

Expensive Water Bills

Your water bill may fluctuate a few dollars each month as your usage changes, but it shouldn’t steadily increase if there isn’t a reason. If you notice that your water bill is more expensive month after month, you may have a leak. First, review your recent bills to see if your water company increased their rates or if your water usage increased. If not, you may need to have a plumber inspect your home for leaks. 

Hearing Water Run

If you hear running water when no one is using any, that’s a sign of a leak. Turn off your TVs, radios, and other noisy appliances for a few minutes to walk around and listen for the source of the water. If you can identify an area, check for signs of water damage. If you can’t, call a professional plumber to inspect for a leak. 

Check Your Water Meter

Your home’s water meter indicates activity on its gauge. Make sure that your showers, sinks, and any water-related appliances are off, and look at the meter to see if there’s any water activity. If you can see that the gauge is active, you may have a leak.

Moldy or Mildewy Smell

Have you ever forgotten a load of laundry in the washer after you washed clothes? Or maybe you tossed swimsuits and towels into a basket after a day at the beach. After sitting, these items have the smell of mildew. If you ever smell that scent in your home, it’s time to look in, around, and under all sources of water. You may have a leak that’s leaving standing water somewhere nearby. 

What to do About Water Leaks

If you can identify the source of a leak and address it on your own, do so. Then call our team of professionals to come fix the leak. Keep in mind that damage from leaky plumbing may mean that you need to have minor (or sometimes major) home repairs done, too. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your water usage and know the signs of a leak so you can catch them early. 

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