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4 Reasons You Should Replace That Old Toilet

Does your toilet require lengthy instructions to guests on how to flush it? Is it worn out to the point where no amount of cleaning can make it presentable, and you hope guests don’t ask to use it in the first place? Why haven’t you replaced that old toilet already?

Many of us have the tendency to stick with things even if we’re not thrilled with them or we know there are better options, simply because change seems like a hassle. That’s true of a lot of things in life, even toilets!

Thing is, replacing your old toilet is easier than you think and offers many benefits. Here are four of them.

1. Better performance

Tired of hitting the flush lever and hoping everything goes down? Do you often have to flush more than once? Many of today’s toilets combine dual flush mechanisms and larger trapways to improve flushing performance. Power-assisted systems use small pumps to increase the pressure of the flush.

2. Improved comfort

Comfort height toilets are around 3 inches taller than older standard toilets. What may seem like a small difference is actually very significant, especially for tall or elderly people, or anyone with bad knees. Elongated toilets are much more comfortable for adults. The shape of the bowl is much better for men, giving them extra space where they need it most.

3. More aesthetically pleasing

An updated toilet can complete the look of the room, while an outdated, faded, or damaged toilet can take away from even the most stylish bathrooms. Even if your updating budget is limited, replacing the toilet offers excellent value for your money, as toilets will last for 15 years or more and are one of the most frequently used appliances in the home.

4. Lower water consumption

Toilets installed before 1992 may use anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons every time you flush. Most of today’s toilets use as little as 1.28 gallons per flush. Upgrading your toilet can save you a lot of money on your water bill along with helping the environment.

Replacing your old toilet is quick, easy and affordable with Althoff.

If you’ve been putting off replacing your old toilet because you don’t have the time or don’t want the hassle of installing a new one, let the licensed Chicago plumbers from Althoff take care of it quickly and easily. Not sure which toilet to choose? We can help you select one that fits your room aesthetic, comfort and performance needs. Contact us at 800-225-2443 today.

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