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3 Reasons Why a Mismatched HVAC System Costs You More Money

There is a reason HVAC companies refer to their equipment as a “system”. It’s because each component is designed to work in harmony to provide efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The older an HVAV system is, however, the more opportunities there are to end up with a mismatched evaporator coil and condenser. A mismatched HVAC system can often be referred to as a “Frankenstein” system because it is still operating on pieces and parts that weren’t intended to work, or certainly not work efficiently together.

A Question of Economics

For homeowners, it becomes a question of economics when looking at replacing either an air conditioning unit or a furnace. Can you replace one or the other? Yes. There are, however, a lot of reasons you shouldn’t. Here are three ones.

  1. Replacing both units at the same time will save you money long-term. What many homeowners may not realize is that if they replace only the outdoor AC unit, they’ll probably be spending money to replace the indoor unit shortly thereafter. Your HVAC company won’t have a problem with that because you, in essence, will be paying installation costs twice. In the photo used as an example, you’ll see an AC unit that was replaced just two years before the furnace. To make sure the AC unit worked with mismatched hvacthe furnace they had at the time, we had to make use of a wider coil. When we replaced the furnace, the new furnace was not as wide. This means that now the components aren’t properly matched or aligned for optimal airflow. It involved more work and added more expense. Replacing both units would ensure an efficient, dependable system that will function properly for a longer period of time.
  2. Matched systems perform better. When air conditioning units are designed, they are built to work with a matched indoor unit. This matched system works in tandem to generate optimum efficiency and ideal system performance. As mentioned, replacing an outdoor air conditioner unit without installing the matching indoor unit will work. However, you are jeopardizing the dependability of both units. This compromises your HVAC system’s efficiency, which may cost more in the long run.
  3. Efficiency ratings are based on matched systems. When you purchase a new HVAC unit, the heating and cooling efficiency ratings are based on matched system performance. That means, if you bought a condenser with an 18 SEER rating to help you save money on monthly bills, you won’t realize the full potential of those savings without the matching furnace. The wider the difference range between SEER ratings of equipment, the less efficient they will be in working together.

Another Reason Trusted, Reputable HVAC Service is Important

The issue of a mismatched evaporator coil and condenser and a mismatched HVAC system is yet another reason to perform due diligence in selecting your HVAC company. While we will do what we can to extend the life of any system, there is a time when the wiser choice is to simply replace a system.

A matched system will run more efficiently, perform better, last longer, and deliver cost savings well beyond the extra expense. To learn more, contact one of our expert HVAC technicians today! We service homeowners in the NW Chicago suburbs  and would love the opportunity to service your residential home or commercial business.

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