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How to Know if Your Heater Needs Repairs

Does your heater need repair service? When you know the signs of heater problems, you can identify them early and get them fixed before they spread and lead to more damage. Heater maintenance service is a great way to stay ahead of repair, plus it’s an investment in your home and comfort. 

If you need a heater repair in McHenry, IL, our team can help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn the signs of heater problems. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to get your heater checked sooner rather than later. Ignoring these problems can lead to a complete heater breakdown and the need for an emergency repair service. 

Unusual Smells

Your heater should never produce a bad smell when it runs. If it does, something inside the unit may be overheating or burning. If you have a gas heater, it could indicate a carbon monoxide leak. With an electric heater, you may have bad wiring. It’s also possible that excessive dust inside the unit is burning. No matter what the problem is, you want to get it checked out. Furnace smells are never a good sign. 

Loud Noises

Just as your heater should not have a smell, it shouldn’t make new sounds either. Sure, you may hear a gentle hum or whir of the fan as it blows air into your home, but you should never hear loud or obnoxious noises coming from your heater. If you do, there’s likely a serious problem. Fan belts may be loose or parts may come off completely and bang around inside of the unit. 

Won’t Turn On

When you turn the temperature up on your thermostat, your heater should turn on fairly quickly. If there is a delay in your unit starting or it seems like your heater is having trouble turning on, you want us to check it out. It could be that wiring is disconnected or damaged, or the connection between your thermostat and heater got interrupted. Sometimes it’s an easy fix, and other times it’s a more in-depth project. 

Pilot Light

If you have a gas heater, you want to pay attention to the color of the pilot light. Normally, the pilot light is blue. If it is any other color, there is a ventilation problem. This means that carbon monoxide is building up around the pilot light instead of exiting your system. The same carbon monoxide buildup may be leaking out into your home and posing health problems for your family. 

Lack of Heat

A lack of heat may seem like an obvious problem, but if your home still feels comfortable, you may ignore it if your heater isn’t getting your home quite as warm as it should. If you find yourself turning up the temperature on the thermostat in an effort to get your home warmer, that’s a problem. Usually, it’s a problem with the ductwork seals allowing too much hot air to escape so that it doesn’t ever reach your home as it should. 

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