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How Do You Define HVAC Contractor? This Definition Is Pretty Hard To Beat

The Althoff Definition of a Quality HVAC Technician

You probably have seen, read or heard advertisements from HVAC contractor companies in the greater Chicago area that talk about their “quality”. They’ll boast of the quality of their equipment, the quality of their service, and even the quality of the technicians they hire. Quality has become a word that is so overused in the service industry that it often loses its meaning. When it comes to HVAC, through the years, we’ve discovered there is a big difference in what they refer to as “quality”, and what our high standards are at Althoff Industries. Our definition of a quality HVAC technician reaches beyond most HVAC companies in the Crystal Lake IL area.

Treating Problems at the Core Cause

At Althoff Industries, our technicians are trained to find the core cause of a problem. They are not on a mission to “find” problems that may or may not exist. They are not there to sell you something. From the moment an Althoff team member answers your call to the moment we arrive  at your home, we are there to resolve your HVAC problem at its root cause, keep your family safe, and restore comfort to your home. They are there to offer logical options and let you make the final choice. They are often asked, “What would you do?”. In fairness, every family has different budget restraints. Our technicians are there to provide you HVAC options that are safe. The choice is ultimately yours, the way it should be. Don’t let an HVAC contractor sell you on a solution that may be their own best interest.

Why Finding the Core Cause is Important

Our technicians are trained to find the core cause of a problem because without that knowledge, technicians often just treat the symptoms. Our Althoff technicians are there to determine WHY a part failed and WHY your HVAC system isn’t performing properly. When an HVAC contractor tells you you need a new part, they should be able to tell you WHY the part failed. If they say “normal wear and tear” and your furnace is less than ten years old, it should raise red flags. If they can’t offer a logical reason for the part failure and you simply replace it,  you may just soon experience the same failure sometime in the near future.

Technicians, Training, and Tools

Want to hear something you may already know? Some HVAC people are more interested in selling you something than helping resolve your problem. Shocker right? At Althoff, we have a client-centered focus that compels us to determine your problem at its root cause and then offer you the best options to resolve it. No hidden agendas. We do this through good people who embrace our mission. They have families and understand the challenges of dealing with unexpected issues like HVAC maintenance problems. Next, we provide our HVAC technicians with superior training and exposure to the latest available techniques and technology. That technology includes innovative digital tools that can better determine exactly what is going on with your HVAC system. These tools accurately determine the underlying cause of your problem. We are not just guessing. We use precise instrumentation to verify how your system is performing. We know you expect more than an educated guess from a “quality” HVAC company. At Althoff Industries, we deliver.

Discover a Higher Definition of Quality at Althoff Industries

If you have been frustrated with an HVAC technician who “guesses” at your problem, or simply replaces a failed part without being able to tell you why it failed, contact Althoff Industries. Our service technicians are trained and have the latest tools to diagnose your HVAC problem efficiently and effectively. Best of all, they offer honest solutions that can best fit your family’s needs. Expect more and get more.

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