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Common Signs Your Heater Needs to Be Repaired

Heater problems are not always loud or obvious. Sometimes they are quiet or even completely silent. When you can identify the quieter signs that your heater is having problems with operation, you can schedule service sooner rather than later.

And when you need heating service in Barrington, IL, you can call our team. We are always here to help, even if it is just answering your questions about heater concerns. Keep reading to learn more about some of the quiet ways your heater may be telling you that it needs professional service.

Unusual Sounds

If your heater begins to make abnormal sounds compared to your regular operation, something is probably wrong inside the system. Some sounds can point to smaller problems, but others can point to significant problems. No matter what the sound is, you need to schedule service for your heater sooner rather than later. Examples of dangerous heater sounds include:

  • Whistling or hissing
  • Rattling or tapping
  • Banging
  • Rumbling
  • Booming

Bad Odors

It’s also safe to say that bad odors coming from your heater can point to something inside the system being wrong. Bad odors usually fall into one of three categories. The first is a musty or damp odor that indicates a water leak or mold growth somewhere in the system.

Burning is another type of smell that your heater may produce. Although your heater is producing heat, in significant levels, it should never smell like anything is burning. If it does, something inside the unit is overheating, or you may have an electrical issue.

The last odor to pay attention to you is important if you have a gas heater. A rotten egg odor can mean that you have a gas leak. Gas itself doesn’t actually have an odor, but many service providers add in a smell so the gas leaks are a little bit easier to identify. Smelling rotten eggs is a red flag that you have a gas leak somewhere within your heater or elsewhere in your home.

Lack of Heating

You should also pay attention to the air coming out of vents in your home. If you hold your hand up to one of the air vents, you should feel hot air blowing out. If the air is lukewarm or even cool, your heater may not be producing heat effectively. When this problem first begins, your home may actually still feel fairly comfortable. 

But as it progresses, your home can feel cooler and cooler even if your heater is still operating and blowing air out. A lack of heat can point to problems with the burner and ignition or the heating element, depending on what type of heater you have.

Changes in Cycles

You should also pay attention to how your heater operates for heating. It should usually turn on and off for regular cycles. If your heater suddenly starts to turn on and off every few minutes without ever staying on for an extended period of time, a safety mechanism is probably causing it to shut down before completing a heating cycle. 

On the other hand, your heater may turn on and stay on without ever taking a break. If this happens, the unit may be struggling to heat your home to the temperature you have set on the thermostat or something is preventing it from turning off.

Hear from one of our satisfied customers! 

“We had a boiler that was installed in 1996 and it finally exhausted itself and decided it was time to retire. Who could blame it? Let me tell you there are not many companies out there fixing old boilers in McHenry. Our technician was over the top fantastic! 

He explained everything in incredible detail. He also gave me every option available. Althoff sent emails to us before each technician arrived with a picture of the technician/estimator and a bio about them. I don’t know about you, but I thought that was pretty fabulous. We had four employees at our home over the course of two days, and they were like family. So respectful of our home and floors – they took great care to leave everything in better shape when they left. 

They were kind, respectful, and over-the-top knowledgeable. We now have a new high-efficiency boiler and all new thermostats. The Althoff team will be the only ones servicing our home going forward. We highly recommend them!”

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