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Why Do You Need a Draft Check and Combustion Analysis?

Oct 17, 2018

Gas fired appliances like furnaces, boilers and water heaters create gases as a byproduct of the combustion process. In order for these appliances to work safely, they must be vented properly and maintain a proper draft to make sure the gases exit your home. Gas leaks, high carbon monoxide levels, and improper drafting can all be dangerous if not addressed.

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Facility Manager Maintenance Guide to Safety and Security Critical Systems

Oct 17, 2018

Every building has certain systems that must be operational in order to ensure the business remains productive, and the building is safe to occupy as well as secure. Building life safety systems tend to encompass items like fire suppression systems, fire doors, smoke and CO detectors and evacuation equipment. Security critical systems tend to include items like security cameras, automated door locks and alarms.

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How an Integrated BAS Security System Provides Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Oct 10, 2018

BAS (Building Automation Systems) and intelligent building technology are on the rise. Currently, the BAS market is estimated to be worth 42.20 billion and is forecast to grow an estimated 10.5 percent by 2025, according to Verified Market Research. This is due to an increase in the desire to make buildings safer, more secure and more energy-efficient. When these three things come together, occupants of buildings feel safer, and they are more comfortable, resulting in happier and more productive employees and satisfied tenants.

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A Property Managers Guide to Solar Panels for Their Condo Building

Oct 02, 2018

Imagine generating electricity for your Chicago building any time the sun is shining. It’s possible with solar panels, but how efficient are they and will they really save you money when you take into account the cost of installation?

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2 Main HVAC Maintenance Concerns for a Multi-Unit Property

Sep 26, 2018

When it comes to maintaining your heating and cooling units, there are two primary systems. The first system is the heating unit. The second concern is the control unit. These two items need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to keep your residents comfortable all year long.

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Single Boiler vs. Multiple Boilers for Your Multi Unit Building

Sep 19, 2018

If you are thinking about upgrading the boiler system in your condo, co-op or apartment complex, you may be having a tough time deciding between one large boiler or several slightly smaller boilers. Here are some great tips to help you find a heating solution that meets your needs, your installation budget and your anticipated long-term cost of ownership goals. The following information on various types of boiler systems can guide your decision to replacing this importance piece of mechanical equipment.

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The Difference Between a Water Heater and a Boiler

Sep 12, 2018

As a property manager for a large, multi-story building, you may wonder what the difference is between a water heater and a boiler. After all, both heat water. The short answer is that the difference between the two depends on the amount water and the operating temperatures and internal pressures.

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What a Property Manager Needs to Know if a Water Heater Bursts

Sep 05, 2018

As a property owner, you may not give much thought to the hot water heaters in your condo unless you’re having problems getting hot water to your taps, or you've experienced multiple failures. Thankfully, there are things you can do to mitigate both problems and efficiently determine who should pay for hot water heater repairs.

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Why an Efficient Facility Plumbing System Helps Managers Meet Water Conservation Goals

Aug 29, 2018

Are you concerned about your Chicago building’s water consumption? Lowering your building’s water consumption helps conserve water while lowering your water bills. Unfortunately, if you haven’t examined your plumbing system or water fixtures lately, you could be using more water than your building truly needs to use. Here at Althoff, our plumbers have put together some tips to help Chicago facility managers lower their water usage.

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How to Plan for a Successful Facility Lighting Upgrade

Aug 23, 2018

Are you considering performing a lighting upgrade at your Chicago facility? Lighting upgrades are a great way to take advantage of new technology, lower your electric bills and increase the lighting and security both inside your building and outside on your property to eliminate excessively dark areas.

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