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What is a Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger on any furnace is a stationary part that is simply moving flue gas through it. As air passes across the heat exchanger surface, the energy transfers from the flue gas to the air in the home.

What is a furnace flue?

A flue is a duct, pipe, or opening for conveying exhaust gases from the furnace to the outside air. Historically, the term “flue” meant the chimney itself.

Why does Maintaining Your Furnace Matter?

Having your furnace maintained every year pays off in increased efficiency, lower energy bills, and longer equipment life. An annual inspection can identify small issues that can turn into big headaches if your furnace breaks down right when you need it most.

Safety is also a concern with your furnace. The combustion process needs to be checked yearly to ensure safe operation. Gas leaks, high carbon monoxide levels, and improper drafting can be dangerous if not addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these videos below for helpful information n your heat exchanger.




What is a heat exchanger?

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