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Just One Hour a Year Can Save You Money, Prevent Breakdowns & Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

By scheduling an air conditioning tune-up, you’re proving yourself a smart and proactive homeowner! AC tune-ups help lower your energy bills and prevent breakdowns by identifying worn parts and potential issues.

According to EnergyStar.gov, you should have an AC tuneup at least once a year to keep your system running efficiently and your bills low.

What’s Included in Your AC Tune-Up?

Our licensed HVAC technician will start by asking you a few brief questions about your system’s performance and if there are any special concerns you have. From there, he or she will perform an inspection and tune-up.

Althoff 24-Point Air Conditioner Tune-Up

  • Verify accuracy and proper operation of the thermostat
  • General observation of all venting and ductwork
  • Measure draft pressure of the water heater to ensure safe operation
  • Measure ductwork system static pressures and evaluate them against benchmark levels
  • Measure and verify proper temperature change at the system
  • Take amp draw of the blower motor
  • Check blower motor capacitor for proper microfarad level
  • Observe condition and balance of the blower motor and wheel
  • Clear condensate drain and ensure proper operation
  • Measure and verify temperature drop inside the home at room of concern for customer
  • Check all indoor low voltage connections and control board
  • Replace fiberglass filter
  • Remove debris from the inside of the unit
  • Wipe down the outside cabinet

All inspections include a service report with a prioritized list of recommendations (if necessary).

The Althoff Difference

Our licensed HVAC technicians will arrive to your home within a convenient 2-hour window (we always call when we're on the way), and we'll park our clearly marked service truck in clear view of the house. We'll be easy to recognize in our clean uniform and name badge as we greet you with a business card and a smile. Once we've been given permission to enter your house, shoe covers go on our feet and drop cloths go under our tool bags.

In short, we respect your time and your home. We do everything we can to make your service call convenient and comfortable.


"Matt knows our systems and definitely knows what he is doing. We have total confidence when he leaves that everything is done correctly."

~ T.S from North Barrington, IL


"Althoff's is a very good company who always gives great service and timely service by well-trained technicians. We are delighted to do business with this company!!"

~ R.G. from Crystal Lake, IL


"The tech was on time, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. I would definintly use this individual again, if or when I need this kind of help."

~ M.S. from Crystal Lake, IL


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