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Installation & Upgrades

Chicago Boiler Repair

Trust Our Boiler Experts to Find and Fix the Problem Fast

Is your boiler not working quite right, making strange noises, or has it stopped working entirely? Diagnosing and repairing boilers takes special expertise. Trust our reliable and professional boiler technicians to find and fix the problem fast.

Emergency Boiler Repair in Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs

If your boiler goes out on a freezing cold day, we offer 24/7/365 emergency service. We have two locations to provide faster service in Chicago and the Northwest Chicago suburbs. We're here when you need us.

Boiler Repair Process

Use this form or call us at (815) 455-7000 to request a boiler repair. You'll speak to a friendly Customer Service Rep to find a convenient time that works with your schedule. We offer a 2 hour time window for our customers in the suburbs and a 3 hour time window in the City.

We understand that you're busy. Don’t wait at home. Our dispatchers will call you when our technician is actually on his or her way to your home.

Our expertly trained technicians begin with a thorough evaluation of your equipment. We’ll diagnose the immediate problem but also examine the entire system to determine if there are any underlying issues or potential hazards.

Once the diagnosis is complete, our technician will prepare a prioritized list of recommendations and pricing. All recommendations are explained so that you understand exactly what the problem is and how much it’s going to cost. We never perform any repairs without first getting your approval.

In most cases, your technician can get the part needed from our fully stocked trucks or a nearby warehouse. Our goal is to get your boiler fixed that day.


Once complete, our technician will again walk you through all the work performed and recommendations he or she has moving forward. You will be left with a detailed service ticket describing work performed and associated billing.


What you think is important to us. You can be sure that we’ll use your valuable feedback in our ongoing goal to provide the best possible service.

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Boiler Emergency?
Call (815) 455-7000 Now
Boiler Emergency?
Call (815) 455-7000 Now

Chicago Boiler Maintenance

An Annual Boiler Tune-Up Helps Keep Your System Running Safely & Efficiently

Boilers function best when they’re regularly serviced and cleaned. A neglected system slowly loses its ability to keep your home comfortable at the same level of efficiency it once did. Heating bills go up as efficiency goes down. An annual boiler inspection can also identify small issues that can turn into big problems if your equipment breaks down on a frigid night when you need it most.

Safety is a concern with your boiler. The combustion process needs to be checked yearly to ensure safe operation. Gas leaks, high carbon monoxide levels, and improper drafting can be dangerous if not addressed.

Get peace of mind by scheduling your boiler maintenance now.

What’s Included in Your Boiler Tune-Up?

Our evaluation starts with you, not our checklist. We always begin with a brief discussion to gain an understanding of what’s important for you. How does the system perform when you need it most? Are there any areas of your home that are hard to heat? Are there any unusual noises or odors coming from the boiler? Are there any special concerns you have?

From there, our boiler technician will perform an inspection and tune-up of the entire system.

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  • Verify accuracy and proper operation of the thermostat
  • General observation of work area for venting integrity and water leaks
  • Apply Brady gauge to monitor system pressure while off and while running during inspection
  • Verify the accuracy of pressure temperature gauges
  • Perform combustion analysis to ensure safe and proper combustion
  • Measure draft pressure to ensure safe venting
  • Check all venting for proper pitch, deterioration, or leaks
  • Check boiler pumps for abnormal noises, amp draw, and proper operation
  • If applicable, oil motor and bearing assembly
  • Remove burners and pilot assembly, clean with furnace brush, and replace thermocouple (if applicable)
  • Clean flame sensor and ignition rod
  • Perform a visual inspection of the heat exchanger for excessive rust, leaks, holes, or blockages
  • Verify proper operation of the relief valve
  • Verify sizing and proper operation of the expansion tank
  • Inspect piping and flanges for leaks
  • If applicable, verify proper operation of all zone valves
  • If applicable, verify proper freeze protection levels
  • Verify proper operation of the thermostat
  • General observation of the work area for venting integrity and water leaks
  • Apply Brady gauge to monitor system pressure while off and while running during inspection
  • Verify accuracy of the pressure temperature gauges
  • Perform combustion analysis in both high and low fire to ensure safe and proper combustion
  • Check boiler pumps for abnormal noises, amp draw, and proper operation
  • Remove and clean burners
  • Clean heat exchanger with CLR dilution, brush and flush to ensure channels are clear
  • Flush condensate drain and trap
  • Check for any deficiency in the refractory breaking apart or coming in contact with condensate
  • Inspect swirl plate and check for plastic deterioration or excessive noise
  • Clean flame sensor and ignition rod
  • If in-floor heating is present, verify proper operation of the mixing valve and ensure correct water temperature
  • Verify proper operation of the relief valve
  • Verify sizing and proper operation of the expansion tank
  • Inspect piping and flanges for leaks
  • If applicable, verify proper operation of all zone valves
  • If applicable, verify proper freeze protection levels

All inspections include a service report with a prioritized list of recommendations (if necessary). Our goal is to leave the boiler system working safely and more reliably but also improving performance. Our thorough evaluations of the entire system can uncover reasons for uncomfortable rooms, inefficient operation, and also extend the lifespan of the boiler equipment.

What’s a combustion analysis?

Unlike many companies doing boiler inspections, every heating system tune-up done by Althoff Industries includes a combustion analysis. We do it because it’s the only reliable way to assure the efficient and safe operation of your gas fired appliance.

All of our technicians are equipped with an electronic combustion analyzer. This analyzer measures oxygen and carbon monoxide levels along with the temperature of the flue gas. This information is important for the following reasons:


  • The first priority is to assure your safety by making sure carbon monoxide levels aren’t excessively high. Levels that are outside of the manufacturer guidelines can be dangerous.
  • It helps us uncover hidden problems that lead to a breakdown that aren’t possible to diagnose without having a combustion analyzer.
  • It allows us to accurately measure the true efficiency of your heating system.
  • It allows us to correct issues related to over firing and under firing. Both cause poor performance and shortened lifespan of your equipment.

Why is testing draft important?

Draft is required to remove the flue gasses from the heat exchanger on all atmospheric and draft induced appliances. Verifying draft and checking for spillage is an important safety consideration.

All Althoff technicians are equipped with draft gauges that specifically measure draft pressure inside the flue. If improper draft is found, the cause should be remedied to protect the homeowners from carbon monoxide but also proper operation of the equipment.

The three most common reasons for improper draft are a blocked or restricted flue, lack of combustion air, and building depressurization.

Chicago Boiler Installations & Upgrades

The Best Boiler for Your Budget and Heating Needs: Expertly Installed and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Include Burnham by U.S. Boiler Company icon

If you need a new or more energy-efficient boiler, we can help you find the right upgrade for your Chicago home. Our boiler technicians are experienced in installing all types and sizes of boilers, that can keep you warm and comfortable while keeping heating bills down.

To run boiler heat, you’ll need pipes routed through your baseboards, radiators, walls, ceilings or floors. If youʼre not set up for this kind of radiant heating system, Althoff Industries’ expert technicians can help you find a solution that is just right for your home, family and budget.

If you already have an older-model boiler and want to see how much money a new, high-efficiency model can save you every month, Althoff Industries features high-quality, innovative gas-fired boilers to deliver consistent warmth without the noise and draft associated with forced-air systems.

2 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your new HVAC system in the first 2 years, we will do everything we can to remedy the situation for you. If we can’t, we will remove the system we installed and install a brand new system at our expense.


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Do I Need a New Boiler?

Our experience tells us that life expectancy for cast iron boilers in our area is 20–25 years. While they are relatively new to the industry, manufacturers are telling us that life expectancy for condensing boilers is 15 years.

If your boiler is starting to need repairs on an almost annual basis, it’s near the end of its lifespan. Contrary to furnaces that typically have longer warranties, most boiler repairs are out of warranty after five years. Out of warranty repairs can cost $1,000+.

Do you have a hard time keeping your home warm?  This could be the sign of an aging boiler or even an incorrectly sized system. Regardless of the cause, you want your home heating system to do its job!

Water leaking from the boiler can be a sign that it’s time to replace your boiler. In addition to the threat of damaging your property, a leaking boiler can leave you without heat when you need it most.

As a boiler ages, the wear and tear along with damage caused by lime build up on the heat exchanger will cause your boiler to operate less efficiently. To compensate, your boiler will run much longer to satisfy the same temperature levels. This leads to higher utility bills. Newer models—even cast iron boilers— are more efficient today.

Boiler Installation & Replacement Steps

Use this form or call us at (815) 455-7000.

Before looking at new boilers, we’ll schedule a consultation with you so we understand your budget and unique home comfort needs. No inflexible time windows—the date and time that is convenient for you is what you will get.

Our highly trained Comfort Advisors will measure and evaluate your home, then present options based on the systems that match your needs. All pricing is quoted upfront with no surprises.

We make it a priority to install your system as soon as possible, according to your schedule. In most cases, we can make it happen within 24 hours! Weʼll be quick and clean about it, and even remove your old boiler free of charge.

Boiler Equipment

Mini Therm Photo 2019

Mini-Therm® JVS

  • Intermittent spark (JVS) ignition
  • Up to 85% AFUE  
  • Unique copper tube and cast iron heat exchanger
  • Outdoor reset and auto set point


TFT Series High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

  • 95% AFUE
  • Qualifies for Utility rebates
  • 5 Year parts warranty
  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty
  • Innovative down-fired Fire tube stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 10:1 Turndown

TX Series High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

  • Up to 95% AFUE
  • Some models qualify for utility rebates
  • 5 Year parts warranty
  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty
  • Water tube stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 8:1 Turndown

Experience You Can Trust for Your Boiler Repairs and Installation

Althoff has been installing, replacing, and upgrading boilers in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for nearly 60 years. Quality craftsmanship, dedicated personnel, and creative management staff have nurtured the continued growth of our company into one of Chicagoland’s most sought after contractors.

  • Family owned and operated
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • True 24 hour service
  • Live phone operators and staff
  • Employees drive marked vehicles and wear a uniform & ID badge
  • We perform a size analysis on every job
  • We quote firm prices upfront
  • We install only quality brands and products
  • Professionally trained installers
  • Ongoing training in our state of the art training lab
  • We clean up when we’re done
  • Free removal of your old boiler
  • We offer a variety of payment options
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Our licensed boiler technicians arrive at your home within a convenient 2-hour window (we always call when we're on the way). We'll park our clearly marked service truck in the street in clear view of the house, not in your driveway. We'll be easy to recognize in our clean uniform and name badge as we greet you with a business card and a smile. Our technicians never enter your home before asking permission and putting on their shoe covers. They carry “red carpets” and drop cloths to set their tool bags on and protect your property.

In short, we respect your time and your home. We do everything we can to make your service call convenient and comfortable.


"Matt knows our systems and definitely knows what he is doing. We have total confidence when he leaves that everything is done correctly."

~ T.S from North Barrington, IL


"Althoff's is a very good company who always gives great service and timely service by well-trained technicians. We are delighted to do business with this company!!"

~ R.G. from Crystal Lake, IL


"The tech was on time, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. I would definintly use this individual again, if or when I need this kind of help."

~ M.S. from Crystal Lake, IL


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