Founded in 1961 as a family business in the Northwest Chicago area, Althoff Industries has never wavered in its commitment to offer the best and most complete service available in the heating and air conditioning industry. The company has expanded its base and grown dynamically in the intervening decades, but it retains the same focus and total dedication to customer satisfaction.

From residential heating and air conditioning, Althoff progressed into serving customer needs for plumbing, piping and electrical wiring services, and it was then a natural evolution to welcome small business and light industrial clients. Adding the Building Automation Group to the company lineup in the 1990s brought a new dimension of computerized HVAC control systems. Today, we number some of the largest and most innovative corporations and manufacturing firms in our area among our clients.

We are, more than ever before, dedicated to remaining at the forefront of developing technology and to serving our client's emerging 21st-Century needs. We do this by assuring that our office staff and skilled technicians are thoroughly trained and familiar with current codes and techniques. Our employees are our most valued assets, and we work as a cohesive team, not only to produce results for our clients but to achieve exemplary records for safety and risk reduction,  job satisfaction and efficiency.

Efficiency in all areas of our operation is a prime goal at Althoff Industries. We constantly monitor our design and installation procedures with an eye toward cost-effectiveness, time savings, energy conservation and proper performance. These are the cornerstones of our business. In tandem with our commitment to exceed customer expectations and to protect our reputation, we believe we have the perfect formula for continued success.

While many of our customers today are large commercial and industrial firms with big budgets and stringent requirements, we have not forgotten our roots. Our many residential clients continue to depend on us for ongoing maintenance and repairs, seasonal systems checks and prompt response. Whatever your unique requirements, we are confident that Althoff Industries represents your best option. Whether you are an old client or a new one, we welcome you.

Quality may be an intangible, but at Althoff, quality is what distinguishes us from our competition.  We take no shortcuts. We subscribe to the philosophy that any job worth doing is worth doing well. We know that no job is properly complete until our client is completely satisfied. We invite you to read what our customers, of all sizes and types, have to say about us. We serve the greater Chicago area and all its suburbs.