Chicago and our surrounding areas are home to some of the nation’s most important industries. We are proud of the role Althoff has played in helping to design, engineer and construct many of those industrial facilities. These projects range from sprawling new facilities to clean rooms and supplying production lines with power and piping.

More than five decades of work on such projects has earned the reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable partner when it comes to all phases of industrial construction. We invest a great deal of time and effort to stay on top of the rapidly growing world of industrial construction. This effort ensures we provide the most advanced and efficient solutions on each of our projects.


Our decades of experience are often called upon to help design, engineer and complete complex industrial construction projects. We understand that the proper heating, cooling and ventilation are critical factors in many industrial applications.

When local engineers and architects are tasked with an industrial project, they know the team at Althoff is experienced in the most efficient and practical applications. They also know that we work diligently to monitor and take advantage of the latest technologies and methods. This allows us to offer the most cost-effective and energy efficient solutions.

With our ability to perform as the Engineer of Record on any scale assignment, we are a preferred contractor to handle:

  • Clean rooms of all types
  • Computer rooms and data centers
  • Environmental quality control
  • All types of air handling needs, including roof-top, VAV, and make-up air

In addition to our experience and knowledge, we are known for our unequalled fabrication and installation capabilities. We employ experienced master craftsmen to create custom components for the full range of HVAC applications, including:

  • Specialty fabrications, including welded black iron, black plate, aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Standard and specialty duct systems
  • Lab hoods
  • Exhaust system for ovens and equipment
  • Compliant handling and exhaust systems for fumes, chemicals and dust

Our unique ability to deliver on time and on budget begins with our design and engineering. We then ensure the installation process meets the most exacting standards to ensure long-term reliability and efficient operations.

Process Piping

While the vital area of process piping isn’t appreciated by many outside the field, it is a specialty we have long valued at Althoff. Our expertise and capabilities are unequalled when it comes to designing and engineering industrial piping solutions.

Once designs are developed and approved, we also have in-house the full range of skills, experience and resources needed to get the job done to the most demanding specifications. We are known for providing engineers and plant operators the peace of mind they seek when it comes to all aspects of equipment setting and piping installations.

From PVC to stainless steel to lined piping and all other variations, we have the solution to your process piping requirements.

Our portfolio of completed projects includes:

  • Full facility design and layout
  • Water distribution for steam, hot and chilled applications
  • Storing, heating and chilling water supplies
  • Natural gas distribution
  • Food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications

In short, we handle virtually any form of piping requirement you can imagine. No matter how unusual your requirements, we stand ready to meet and exceed your expectations for state-of-the-art piping installation, maintenance, inspection, retrofitting and upgrading.


Every industrial facility relies on the dependable availability of multiple sources of power. We have developed the area’s most comprehensive capabilities in the area of electrical and electrical systems over the past 50-plus years of service.

Whether you are responsible for a totally new structure or have any electrical system needs, we have the answers you are seeking. Our highly experienced and fully licensed personnel will help you design, engineer and implement plans for:

  • Constructing new facilities
  • Relocation and expansion of existing locations
  • Lighting choices, retrofits and upgrades
  • Installing fiber optics, data cabling, and shielded conduit
  • Arc flash testing
  • Performing thermal imaging
  • Installing industrial electrical equipment

We understand the importance of getting it done right the first time, on time and on budget in industrial applications. Althoff is the vendor of choice for many area architects, engineers, and business owners who have mission critical work that must be done reliably.

Once our work is completed, we stand by it with our respected 24/7/365 support capabilities.


Along with our recognized capabilities in the field of process piping, is comes as no surprise to our clients that we also excel in all aspects of industrial plumbing applications. Whether the need is to design the plumbing infrastructure for a new project or to upgrade an existing facility, we are the first call made by many engineers, architects and building owners.

We have the capabilities to efficiently handle the most mundane projects such as updating restrooms to full ADA compliance. We also handle the largest and most complex tasks for many industrial projects, including all the details for water storage, cooling, heating, filtering and distribution.

Our licensed personnel regularly handle the most demanding projects, including:

  • Pipe inspections and relining
  • Replacement of critical components with minimal operational hindrance
  • Installation and certification of backflow systems
  • Upgrade and expansion of existing systems

When time is money, you can count on the professionals at Althoff to respond promptly to any of your plumbing or other system needs.


Building Controls

Few advancements in modern industrial structures are more important than the latest Building Automation Systems. The specification, selection, design and installation of the optimal BAS plays a core role in today’s industrial applications. The BAS is essential to properly managing the energy efficiency and overall effectiveness of any industrial facility.

We have understood the growing significance of the BAS to all our clients. As a result, we have developed one of the industry’s strongest and most effective approaches to providing the correct BAS solution.

You will find at Althoff Industries that our BAS capabilities are based on:

  • Knowledge of, experience with, and certifications by the leading BAS vendors
  • Extensive experience with designing, installing, upgrading and maintaining BAS from multiple vendors
  • Internally organizing a multi-discipline approach to provide the optimum BAS solution
  • Continually investing in research, education, training and factory certifications to offer our clients the latest in BAS options and solutions

Every BAS requirement is different, especially in most industrial applications. We will work closely with you to help you understand the role the right BAS can play. The solution we find together will excel in providing sustainable and efficient solutions to your facility management and control needs.