Contractors in Chicago have relied on the capabilities of Althoff Industries to get the job done for more than five decades. Many of the buildings you will see on the skyline and in surrounding towns were completed with the help of our design, engineering and installation professionals.

A large number of those commercial structures also rely on us to keep their systems functioning in proper order. We apply the same level of detail and reliability to any existing structure retro-commissioning needs.

Our extensive experience and ongoing investment in tracking the latest technologies allow us to partner on any size project to deliver the latest in equipment and methodology. We also are known as the go-to firm when it comes to upgrading and retrofitting existing structures to enhance sustainability and energy efficiencies.


There is simply no aspect of high-rise and commercial property plumbing that we haven’t mastered. We work daily to design, engineer and install sophisticated plumbing and piping systems throughout the Chicago area.

We also provide regular maintenance to some of the area’s largest properties, as well as highly respected 24/7/365 emergency services.

From upgrading restrooms to ADA compliance to cleaning kitchen stacks, we’re your one-stop call for all things plumbing. Our professionals are ready to assist with:

  • Re-engineering of high-rise plumbing systems
  • Replacing risers
  • Dealing with water supply concerns (storage tanks, pumps, booster systems)
  • Preventing back flow and certifying back flow systems
  • Backflow device inspection and certification

We’ll take care of all the plumbing requirements for your new construction project. You can also count on us to provide the most creative and efficient approach to updating any existing structures.


We play second fiddle to no firm when it comes to HVAC expertise. From architects to general contractors to facility managers, Althoff is the contractor of choice. Whether your need is new construction, retrofits, or problem-solving with state-of-the-art solutions, we stand ready to meet your requirements.

Modern heating, cooling and ventilation systems are complex and sophisticated combinations of multiple components. Our reputation for handling jobs of any size is built on years of experience and a constant focus on new technologies and capabilities from leading vendors.

Our systems achieve the delicate balance between occupant comfort and energy consumption efficiency. We do this by controlling temperature and humidity with the most energy-efficient designs and units.

We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in every dimension of indoor air and environmental quality. This includes systems and components such as:

  • High, medium and low pressure ducts
  • Roof-top and air-handling
  • Ventilation and exhaust
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV)
  • Humidification
  • Air cleaning
  • Fume hoods

To ensure the most efficient installation and long-term reliability, we maintain highly experienced master craftsmen to fabricate custom components. This allows us to reliably handle the full range of standard and specialty applications, such as clean rooms and computer rooms.

Once you choose to rely on Althoff for your HVAC needs, you know your project is in good hands. We also support our clients with long-term maintenance and 24/7/35 emergency response services.


The sophistication of today’s electrical systems require any electrical contractor to have an unprecedented range of expertise and experience. Even simple projects take more than simply running lines and installing junction boxes.

Our capabilities for assisting in the design and engineering of energy requirements for commercial structures cover these modern needs. Our teams are at work every day on projects where they are the Engineer of Record to handle:

  • Electrical engineering, drafting and designing
  • Alternative energy installations
  • New installations, retrofits, expansions and upgrades
  • Energy consumption auditing and calibration

If your project has any need for electrical or electrical systems-related work, the Althoff professionals are available 24/7/365 to provide dependable licensed and certified work. Our in-house capabilities allow us to offer turnkey service, providing bucket trucks, aerial work, rigging, and custom fabrication.

Building Controls

The professionals at Althoff have played an integral role in the evolution of today’s sophisticated Building Automation Systems. The BAS serves as the nerve center of modern commercial structures. Because of this, proper selection, installation and maintenance of the BAS are essential steps to efficient operations, energy management, comfort, and safety.

We approach the BAS challenge internally as a multi-discipline task. What you receive from Althoff is real-world experience when it comes to selecting, engineering, installing and maintaining the most advanced BAS equipment and devices.

When you choose our professionals to oversee your BAS selection, installation and maintenance, you benefit from our comprehensive capabilities and experience. Our holistic approach addresses:

  • Defining the needs
  • Selecting the right non-proprietary vendor
  • Overseeing the full installation in every detail
  • Maintaining and updating the system

Our Major Projects Division has earned a well-deserved reputation for its excellence in providing turnkey BAS solutions to hospitals, office buildings, sports stadium, and numerous other installations.

We also provide retrofits and upgrades to existing facilities, providing building owners and facility managers the ability to meet sustainability and energy-efficiency goals.