Safety is our ultimate concern at Althoff Industries. Our team members are required to go through an extensive safety training program conducted externally and internally by a variety of sources. Their unparalleled adherence to our safety protocols and procedures has resulted in Althoff Industries maintaining a consistently low MOD rate.


We believe that our strong commitment to safety is not only good for our employees but for our clients as well. By reducing risk at every opportunity, we eliminate the insurance headaches and legal hassles associated with injuries on the job.


The Keys to our effort:

  • Continuous training, observation, coaching, and reinforcement.
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental conscientiousness is the responsibility
      of every team member, and is the top priority in every task.
  • Accountability for safety and health performance at every level.
  • A comprehensive written safety program.
  • An effective substance abuse program.


We focus on leading indicators such as; pre-job safety analysis, site specific safety, health and environmental procedures when appropriate, daily job safety analysis (JSA) by the work team before work begins, and root-cause analysis of near-hits.