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Annual Maintenance Helps Keep Your Water Heater Working Safely & Efficiently

Often overlooked, water heaters can last long periods of time without any care. However, having your water heater maintained once a year helps ensure safe operation, maintain efficiency, and extend the the life of the heater.

What’s Included in Your Water Heater Maintenance Visit?

Our evaluation starts with you, not a checklist. We always begin by having a brief discussion with you to gain an understanding of what’s important for you.

  • Is the water too hot or not hot enough? Do you run out of hot water frequently?
  • Are there any unusual noises, odors or leaks?
  • Is there anything you would like me to pay special attention to while I’m here?

From there, our technician will perform an inspection and maintenance of your water heater. The steps vary depending on the type of water heater you have.


Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Every manufacturer of tankless water heaters recommends regular cleaning and flushing. Due to the hard water in our area, if left unattended the heater will develop lime and mineral deposits on the narrow passageways of the heat exchanger. If the heat exchanger is not properly descaled those passageways can become blocked and not allow enough water to pass through.

Damage and/or leaks to the heat exchanger related to buildup is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Connect hoses to service valve kit and flush thoroughly with de-scaler for at least 45 minutes to clean the water side of the heat exchanger*
  • Clean combustion air intake screen
  • Clean spark ignitor and flame sensor
  • Visually inspect burners
  • Remove and clean condensate trap
  • Visually inspect all internal water piping connections
  • Verify safe water temperature settings
  • Inspect relief valve for weeping
  • After descaling system with treatment, flush system with fresh water and verify for proper operation and leaks

*Must have service valve kit installed.


Standard Tank Style Water Heater Maintenance

  • Measure draft pressure to ensure flue gases are safely leaving the home
  • Perform a combustion analysis to ensure safe and proper combustion
  • Pull the burner and clean with a brush
  • Clean the pilot assembly in place
  • Vacuum the burner cabinet
  • Reverse the vacuum and blow out the intake area
  • Replace the thermocouple if applicable
  • Reassemble and check for gas leaks
  • Inspect the relief valve for weeping

The Althoff Difference

Our licensed technicians arrive at your home within a convenient 2-hour window (we always call when we're on the way). We'll park our clearly marked service truck in the street in clear view of the house, not in your driveway. We'll be easy to recognize in our clean uniform and name badge as we greet you with a business card and a smile. Our technicians never enter your home before asking permission and putting on their shoe covers. They carry “red carpets” and drop cloths to set their tool bags on and protect your property.

We respect your time and your home. We do everything we can to make your service call convenient and comfortable.


"Matt knows our systems and definitely knows what he is doing. We have total confidence when he leaves that everything is done correctly."

~ T.S from North Barrington, IL


"Althoff's is a very good company who always gives great service and timely service by well-trained technicians. We are delighted to do business with this company!!"

~ R.G. from Crystal Lake, IL


"The tech was on time, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. I would definintly use this individual again, if or when I need this kind of help."

~ M.S. from Crystal Lake, IL


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