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Sump Pumps

Backflow occurs when wastewater accidentally comes into contact with your potable water. Since wastewater can contain raw sewage, bacteria and other harmful contaminants, most commercial businesses and multi-unit residential buildings are required to have backflow meters. Our experienced and licensed Chicago backflow prevention specialists can test your backflow meters to ensure they are working properly and inspect your system to make sure that no wastewater comes into contact with your clean, potable water.

Residential and Commercial Backflow Prevention and Services

Our residential and commercial plumbers can help ensure that your waste water is being kept separate from your fresh water supplies with our backflow prevention services.

  • Backflow Testing
  • Backflow Device Certification
  • Backflow Installation
Residential and Commercial Backflow Meter Installation

If you need a new backflow meter for your residential for commercial building, our backflow prevention specialists can install new backflow meters and replace malfunctioning meters so that you can be assured that your wastewater is not contaminating your potable water.

Backflow Testing and Device Certification

The state of Illinois requires backflow testing and certification at least once a year. Our professional plumbers can test your backflow meter and system and provide you with the backflow device certification you need to keep your residential or commercial building compliant with the Illinois backflow water regulations.

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