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Back-Up Generator Installation

Heating System Tune-Up

Our licensed electricians can help you choose the right backup propane generator for your home or business’ needs and install it in a timely manner so that you can have continuous power even during the worst storms.

Benefits of Installing a Backup Propane Generator in Chicago
  • Automatic Operation
  • Can Power Your Alarm System
  • Hardwired into Your Electrical System
  • Keep Exterior and Interior Lights On
  • Keep Your Cell Phones and Mobile Devices Charged
  • Keep Your Heating and Cooling Operational
  • Operates Refrigerators, Freezers and Stoves
How Propane Backup Generators Work

With the increasing frequency of severe storms, power outages have become more common. Lightning hits a substation or power line pole or the wind knocks a tree onto a section of powerlines. All of a sudden, your home or business is completely without power, leaving you vulnerable to excessive heat and/or cold and unable to conduct business, charge your cell phone, cook and keep the food in your refrigerator cold. If the power outage lasts long enough, you may have to evacuate your home or lockup your business until the power is restored.

A backup or standby Chicago generator installed by one of our licensed electricians can keep the electricity flowing to your home or business so that you can wait out the storms and repairs to the electrical grid in comfort and safety. When the power is cut to your home or commercial business, a transfer switch shuts off access to the power grid and turns on the backup propane generator. Once the Chicago generator’s motor is running, it creates electricity and sends it into your home’s electrical panel. This allows you to use your electrical fixtures and outlets as if you were still connected to the municipal electrical grid.

Choosing the Right Propane Generator

Our electricians can help you choose the right size generator for your Chicago home or business so that all of your critical systems are powered when you need it most.

  • Small Generators: A small generator can usually power two light circuits, your refrigerator, sump and well pumps, your furnace, a microwave and a radio.
  • Medium Sized Generators: A medium sized generator can power everything a small generator can plus an electric oven, television, computers and air conditioners up to four tons.
  • Large Generators: A large backup propane generator can power your entire house.

To learn more about our backup propane generators and how they can keep your home and family safe during harsh storms and high winds, give us a call today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with alternative emergency power options.

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