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Home & Duct Performance Test
  Tasks Performed:
  • Visual inspection of existing equipment including photographs and measurements
  • Full home Manual J Load Calculation
  • Measurements of each rooms dimensions
  • Measurements of all windows and doors
  • Measurement of insulation levels
  • Full calculation of homes exact system size needs
  • Explanation of all findings with prioritization of any improvements which are recommended to be done at the same time as your new equipment
  • Explanation of different equipment
  • Efficiency
  • Warranties
  • Service plans
  • Explanation of optional accessory items
  • Better filters
  • Humidifiers
  • Zoning dampers
  • UV lights
  • Better thermostats
  • Explanation of financing
  • Explanation and recommendations of best equipment or system for the home
  Allow 60 – 90 minutes