Special Projects


clean_room.jpgCleanroom manufacturing is completely dependent on total environmental control. From sub-micron particulate filtration, to air flow rates and direction, to pressure, temperature, and humidity control, our Building Automation Division will design a system that meets the protocols set forth in your specifications to achieve the Standard your process requires. Our advanced control systems can compensate for human occupancy, single degree temperature fluctuations, pressure changes due to opening air locks or weather conditions, and humidity
rates through real-time monitoring and provide detailed recording for quality control purposes.

Althoff Industries has designed, installed, monitored, and maintained cleanroom systems for medical and electronics manufacturers across Northern Illinois.

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heading_systems.jpgModern Sports Turf Heating systems allow groundskeepers to precisely control the root zone environment, enabling grass to remain lush, verdant and above all PLAYABLE year round. Our advanced control systems continually execute automated adjustments to compensate for falling or rising temperatures in order to maintain the optimum balance for sustained sod growth and health.

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middleware.jpgWhen an international manufacturer built their new headquarters in Orland Park, Illinois they turned to Althoff Industries.  Althoff provided network configuration for the diverse building systems into a single dashboard system with history logs exported into the native Oracle database.  These systems included HVAC, power, lighting, conference room interface systems, white noise, fire alarm, shade controls.  As a certified VYKON Tridium System Integrator, Althoff was able to interface to a Nexus digital media high definition display by developing a custom Flash program to transfer the Tridium graphics to the HD images dashboard.

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